Reading & Listening Is Born

For awhile now I've been wanting a good place to capture the bulk of my ruminations on the music I'm listening to and the literature I'm reading.

I finally have one.

Tonight, I switched this blog over to the new blogger template, so if you've been here before, yes, this site does look a bit different. And, I was on such a roll with all the upgrading that I went ahead and created my new blog, Reading & Listening. That's not to say I won't still be subjecting this site to Depeche Mode tributes, but I read so many books, newspapers and magazines and I listen to so much music, this blog can't capture it all.

There's only one post there so far, but there will certainly be more since reading and listening are huge parts of what make my world go 'round. Go over and pay a visit!


Hi Liz,

Thank you! Yes I do have a web site, it's, or you can follow the link on my blog under LINKS/My artwork. I saw on your profile that you're a Capricorn and a Rat, I'm a Rat and a Leo; rats are supposed to get along very well, as are Leos and Capricorns.


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