Customer Service Doesn't Exist At Macy's

Customer service at most department stores is a thing of the past. Salespeople are not there to explain, help you compare, or help you find anything in their store. They are there to charge your credit card and ask you if you want to open a new one.

This was especially apparent at Macy's yesterday during their, "Biggest one day sale of the season."

Macy's Scene One: The dressing room

Me: Hi, I have some stuff I want to try on.

Salesperson: You can only take in six things.

--Now, last time I was at Macy's, I took a whole bunch of mess into the dressing room, certainly more than six things. I feel like I'm at Target...but whatever.

Me: Ok. I have seven so where should I put these? I hold up a pair of pants. I don't want them to get picked up by someone else.

Salesperson: I don't know. You can only take in six things.

Me: Well... can I just set them here? I motion to a rack next to her.

Salesperson. No. That's only for clothes already tried on. You can go buy them and then you can take them in with you in your shopping bag. You can only take in six things.

Macy's Scene Two: The Shoe Department

Me: I'd like to try on these three shoes in a seven and a half.

Salesperson: Are you sure because we're kinda busy and it's going to take me about five minutes to find these? She turns to yell something at someone else working there.

Me: I'll wait, but yes, I'd like to try them on.

She huffs away. I wait and a couple of minutes later, she reappears with three boxes which she sets down on the floor in front of me, without saying anything. She walks away, still without saying anything. At this point, my expectations are so low that I'm not surprised. Then I opened the first box.

There's only one shoe inside. What am I supposed to do with just one shoe? I get up to go over to the register where she's ringing up another customer. I wait till she's finished.

Me: I'm sorry but there was only one shoe in the box you brought me.

Salesperson: Well you can look around. She sweeps her hand in the direction of the chaos of tried on and rejected shoes. I'm sure the other shoe is around here somewhere.

I am patient but I'm not a saint. So, I took this as a sign that I should leave Macy's before I said anything that might really hurt her feelings.

Too bad because the shoes really were cute and I was thinking of buying all three pairs. Oh well for Macy's and their fourth quarter profits.


Jon said…
Good job! No reason to spend your money at a store that doesn't want it.

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