Should I Believe My Horoscope?

Do you believe in astrology?

Sometimes I want to...but common sense tells me it's just total rubbish.

One of those horoscope sites is always spamming one of my email addresses so tonight, I decided to play with fire and click on the link. This was supposed to be my day today:

"You'll meet with social opportunities, but your mind will be on business not pleasure. There are some important tasks you'll want to start thinking about."

Well, that could be somewhat true since I got to work at 6:30 this morning and left at 7 tonight and yes, there were definitely some important tasks I had to think about. But when are there not? Isn't that what usually happens at work?

What exactly is a social opportunity? To me, social opportunity means being invited to a party or having someone call me up and say, "Girl, let's go get our nails done and our eyebrows waxed!"

I don't think I came across any bona fide social opportunities today. My one true social opportunity was walking to the third floor snack shop with a colleague and salivating over the M&M's sitting on the shelf. I don't think my earlier post from today about next week's Depeche Mode party does not count because I've known about that for a week.

Then this horoscope had to go and say, "Hi ho! Hi ho!'s a good thing your energy and drive are on the up- swing!"

Clearly the author wasn't around to observe my dark circles today. On top of that, who the heck says, "Hi ho!"? The first time I read it, I thought they'd left out a comma, as in, "Hi, ho!" All I could think was, "What? Who you callin' a ho?" I had to read it a couple of times to make sure that wasn't what was being said.

Actually, if I add the comma and read it that way, the whole meaning of that sentence changes.

Yeah, I definitely don't think I believe in horoscopes, but goodness, what a difference a comma can make!


Patrice said…
Thanks for the comment, and for turning me on to your blog! I've already got it bookmarked.
the last noel said…
I actually compare my Solar (Capricorn) and Lunar (ram). One thing is clear: they're both mountain animals, always heading up, up, up. My interpretation anyway.

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