Do You Have A Prostitute In Your Past?

If you do, you're now risking more than catching a nasty case of syphilis.

That prostitute you hooked up with is carefully watching the fallout from the Ted Haggard gay sex scandal. In case you've been hiding up under a rock, Ted is the preacher and leader of thousands of evangelical Christians here in the US and the male prostitute he's been allegedly (love that word!) getting cozy with over the past couple of years came forward and ratted on him.

Now, Ted, a father of five, has had to resign from his job and he's mocked on all those talking-head political pundit shows. "Haggard's finished. He represents the hypocrisy of the Christian right."

And that's just the start of his problems.

Ted's wife has probably turned all ghetto on him and smeared vaseline on her cheeks in preparation for the beatdown she's going to hand-deliver. She'll probably whup his ass and then ask for forgiveness. Then Ted will have to foot the bill for therapy for seven people --his wife, himself and the five kids.

But, enough about Ted. Let's talk about you.

Have you ever paid a prostitute? Sure, I agree...prostitute is such a loaded word. I completely understand if you prefer the word escort. If you've paid for sex with an escort, did you make the escort sign a non-disclosure agreement?


Hmm. I guess you could find yourself in the same situation as Ted.

Maybe that escort you've been paying will decide to call up your boss one day and say, "I just couldn't take the fact that he was going to work everyday, pretending to be a normal, Monday Night Football kind of guy. He's such a hypocrite!"

In fact, I'll bet there's a whole lot of folks working in Washington D.C. that have solicited prostitutes...I mean, escorts. Do those fat cats think we're stupid? Do they think we don't know what's going down when they take trips to Japan?

Oh, you don't have a prostitute in your past? Well, that's good. I'm glad to hear it. But, I'm sure there's some skeleton, some scandal, some personal weakness. Something you'd rather the rest of us didn't know.

What are you going to do when someone decides to come forward and reveal something about you to the world in pursuit of truth, justice and the greater good?


West said…
lol @ Vaseline comment

I was gonna drop an unequivocal "No!," but the truth is probably that most of us have paid a prostitute; it's just the currency that's in question.

They may not take VISA, but a Happy Meal will do in a pinch.

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