When Your Virtual Brother Turns Out Even Better in Person

Today I finally met one of my dearest online friends, my virtual brother Tafari Stevenson-Howard. I started reading his blog sometime in 2006 and even though we've never met, he's one of the few people that I broke my "I must actually know you and like you to be your friend on Facebook" rule for. No, I didn't know him in person but after reading his blog for years--and he read this one--I knew him virtually, and I've always liked him because he's funny, smart, honest, encouraging, and he goes for his dreams.

He's also an incredible photographer and as he's blown up in the photography world I've harassed him over the years about why he's always heading to New York City to shoot their fashion week but never comes visit us here in Los Angeles for our fashion week. Nevermind that LA fashion week is...yeah, well, sigh.

Anyway, this Memorial Day weekend, Tafari is in town! We went to dinner at Roscoes in Hollywood and it was just like hanging with an old friend who I've known forever but haven't seen in person for awhile. I really had a ball talking with him and wow, I'm so glad I worked out super early this morning because I ate WAY too much food. Seriously, my stomach is still hurting. Although that could be because we saw a big ass ROACH after we'd eaten and were just sitting at the table drinking iced tea lemonade and talking for awhile.

But, even a roach--and it's million cousins that you KNOW are hiding in the walls--can't spoil a good time with good people. We're gonna hang out again tomorrow. I can't wait!


Remnants of U said…
It's great when you have a connection with a "long lost relative." :-)

Have fun!
Dena said…
that's awesome! have fun :)
Liz Dwyer said…
lol, long last virtual brothers are awesome.

I'm so glad he's here and having a good time--it's a little drizzly this morning but it's still lovely!
Tafari said…
It was a total blast hanging with you! Over a week later, I am still talking about that damn roach. YIKES!!!!

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