Don't Call it a Comeback: L'il Kim & Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's Total Rewards Show

Lil Kim is headlining an old school hip hop concert. With Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. 

Dang, I'm old. 

Yep, it's true, two icons of late 1990s hip hop are putting on a Caesar's Total Rewards nostalgia show on June 22nd at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. (Yes, Chicagoland people, this one's for you!) 

Since March, Total Rewards has been doing all sorts of amazing giveaways and events all across the country. Every Total Rewards Property from coast to coast—and there dozens of them—will be keeping the fun going all summer long.  

I'll keep it real, though: One of the arguments my husband and I had before we got married is that he had a ginormous Lil Kim poster up in his room. If you were alive in the mid-1990s and followed hip hop at all, you know the one—Kim in that leopard print bikini with the feathery boa in that, ahem, pose. Sigh.

Now that all the Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim dust is settling—at least I hope it's settling—I find myself rooting for Kim. I keep waiting for her to come out and school the 21st century with some serious rhymes that show who she's developed into. C'mon Kim, show us you're a woman who cares about, you know, solving the world's problems—where is her rap about homelessness and gentrification of Harlem and too much state testing?  

OK, yeah, I can keep dreaming. In the meantime I'm glad she's back to doing what she does best: performing live—I've heard from several people that she's actually pretty good. And as for Bone Thugs, I'm curious what their live set is going to be since both Krazie and Wish Bone quit the band last year. Don't worry, if Kim is not your flavor, I hear Keyshia Cole is gonna be performing at the Horseshoe on July 13th--that girl can SANG. 

As for Total Rewards, if you're not a member, it doesn't cost you a dime to join. Then when you use your card at Total Rewards properties you get cool perks and special hookups. C'mon, it's summer—go have a good time!

I am honored to be an Influencer for the Total Rewards brand. Material and/or financial incentives may be received as a result of my involvement.


Reena said…
You are making me wonder what Kim's gonna do in another 10 years when she's almost 50. Is she still gonna be out there poppin' on stage?
ChiTownLass said…
Kim is decent in concert. Bone Thugs are a fail.

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