The Hardest Workout I've Ever Done

I have two words for you: leg warmers.

They say the '80s are back in fashion so I'm doing my part to fit in with the trend by working out to an exercise video that was made in 1986. This very first video by  exercise gurus The Firm is the hardest workout I've ever done. All the exercisers in it are wearing leg warmers and dated leotards--I would DIE if I saw someone in one of these  leotards at my local gym--but once you start praying for the set of reps you're on to end, you won't even notice the big hair and 80s makeup.

Back in the day I remember seeing the VHS tape of this video available for $50 in the back of the fitness mags like Shape that my mom subscribed to. And then, a few weeks ago, I was trolling workout DVDs on Amazon and this one popped up in the options that other people had purchased.

The reviews are so glowing that at first I was skeptical. Were these reviews planted by a company? But, now that I have the DVD, I can understand them--although I'm not sure why the creators call this video "Body Sculpting Basics" 'cos there's nothing basic about it. It's 60 minutes of incredibly tough interval training--plenty of aerobics and weight lifting--and a floor work section that will make your legs BURN.

They tell you don't use weights the first time you attempt this workout. Pfft, I'm a marathoner, I'm not some beginning exerciser--so I ignored that and grabbed some dumbbells and hand weights.

After nine minutes I had to press pause. At the 23-minute mark I pressed stop and had to sit down. It was either sit down or faint in the middle of my living room.

But, after a few minutes of catching my breath--my ego humbled--I dropped the weights and got back to the workout. I've done it three times since and each time feel I can do a little more--and I feel like such a rockstar for finishing.

I am also in awe of the instructor, Susan Harris, and her team for being able to do the final section of floorwork with ankle weights. Just.Wow. You'll be in so much pain, like I said, you won't even notice the music or hair.  You may end up feeling like you need some Icy Hot or Ben Gay, but if you want to feel the burn, this is the workout for you.


Anonymous said…
The Firm! I've got this on VHS. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Then you know what I'm talking about! Whew, it's tough.
Jameil said…
Wow! That is scary!!

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