Los Angelista's Unscientific Tips on How to Prepare for a Marathon

I'm less than a week away from adding another medal to my marathon collection because the moment I've spent the last 7 months training for, The Los Angeles Marathon, is almost here!

So, what do I have to do to prepare? This is my completely nonscientific version of what to do:

1. Complete my running playlist: YES, this is the most important thing. I am still not one of those people who can run for hours with no tunes. I especially try to make an amazing "last mile playlist". I ran a mile in 8:22 during my long run on Saturday to the version I have now--full of Chuckie and Dada Life. We'll see if I stick with it.

2. Sleep: Ahem, right. I will do my best. So far, I am not succeeding.

3. Eat right: I'll be eating lots of cake, cookies, pie, and pizza because I'll be burning it all off during the run. No, for real, I'll be eating plenty of oatmeal, kale, lentils, tofu, and other healthy stuff this week. Especially the kale. I really need those vitamins. No desserts this week. No Thai food. No dairy--no stuff that could potentially upset my stomach. 

4. Hydrate: No, I won't be downing gallons of Gatorade in preparation for the long miles ahead. Instead, LOTS of water will be mixed with those Emergenc-E packets. Those vitamins and electrolytes make a huge difference. 

5. Hook up my outfit: My running gear gets laid out on Thursday night. I may be running but I do believe in looking somewhat cute while I'm doing it. The past three years I've worn a running skirt from Run Team Sparkle. This year will be NO different. However, I don't know if people will be able to see it because it might be covered up with a trash bag since the forecast is calling for rain.  That means I also have to... 

6. Pray that it won't pour rain: I don't mind clouds. I don't mind cold. I don't even mind a little drizzle. I just would prefer that there NOT be a repeat of last year's torrential downpour on marathon day where we got over three inches of rain in just a few hours and had 50 mile-per-hour winds. Join me in making offerings to the rain gods who have abandoned Los Angeles almost the whole winter...psst, this is NOT the weekend to show up.

7. Exercise: Those Jillain Michaels DVDS will not be my friends this week. I'll be sticking with easy runs--nothing too strenuous or stressful, and I'll be resting my legs from Thursday on.

8. Practice my 'Gollum' voice: I hear Sean Astin--you know, Sam from Lord of the Rings--is running the race, too. That's why I have to practice a Gollum voice--so I can yell out "My PRECIOUS!" when I see him.

Above all, I won't be doing anything new: No new workouts, no eating anything new, no new socks, shoes, or running tights. No new shirts. Not even a new headband. That's because the real preparation for a marathon doesn't happen only in the week before. It's all the stuff I've been doing throughout my training. The tried and true. And at the end, I get a MEDAL--which I hope is WAY cuter than last year's. Yeah, once I get it I'll totally be all "MY PRECIOUS!!!"


Beverly said…
No-o-o-o!!No rain! We of the walking persuasion will be out there for seven or eight hours and I don't want to be wet all that time. NO!
Liz Dwyer said…
I know! I figure the weather has been so fickle this season that all this could change. Not two years in a row, right?
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
I'm going with Yeshmebet Tadesse for the Women’s win. Youth will be served; it’s time for a breakout for her (at 23). I'll pick 2:26.47 for winning Women’s time. Aggressive on the time I know, but that's how the marathon is run today.
Sarah Auerswald said…
Consider me praying for no rain for you as of NOW! No rain!!! And thanks for these tips! I am doing a run in a month and I will definitely be keeping these things in mind. Go Liz!!!!!

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