Too Bad Inmates Can't Use Total Rewards

It's been a couple of weeks since Cee Lo Green rocked Hollywood and Highland with the Caesar's Total Rewards Concert--I still want to get myself a hot pink satin suit like his but for some reason, I don't think I'll look as cool as him.

But, what I keeps me chuckling about that night is Jimmy Kimmel's routine that opened the show where he explains what the Total Rewards loyalty program is--to a group of inmates at the so-called Dixon Correctional Facility.

"The more you use the card, the more you earn. It's practically like stealing. You guys like stealing, right?"

Every time I see it I think about how hard it must have been to keep a straight face while filming. Kimmel's explaining to these guys who are in jail for life how if you use your rewards card when you go skiing or go hang out at resort, suddenly you're you're getting perks like front row tickets to shows in Vegas and Atlantic City--or you're getting a free TV or getting to take a cooking class with your favorite chef. I don't even know how to ski--I've never been!--but gosh, I would looove to take a cooking class with Gordon Ramsey. Does he even do really good vegetarian food.

Anyway, stay on the lookout cool stuff you can do with Total Rewards because you can use the card at around 40 resorts and casinos--yum, casinos mean awesome food buffets in my world! And, not to be at all insensitive, but seriously, I could not be a criminal.

Also  don't forget you can play the Escape to Total Rewards game--and because you know I love to hook you up, I have a special code just for Los Angelista readers that helps you gain more entries: 9YKCCW.

Disclosure: I am honored to be an Influencer for the Total Rewards brand. Material and/or financial incentives may be received as a result of my involvement.


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