These Pics Are Why I Can't Drink Rock Star Energy Drink

REALLY. Someone slap me next time I pick up a can.

That picture in the middle? Bwahahaha! I am straight clowning. And now I have a massive headache and I can't sleep. OWW.

I promise I will give a FULL recap of tonight's Total Rewards concert but here are a few highlights:

1. L'il Wayne apologized to the crowd for cussing. He said he doesn't know the lyrics to the "clean" radio versions. He's probably the most energetic performer I've seen in a while.

2. Cee Lo turned Hollywood and Highland into church. And he mixed some beats from Planet Rock in with "Crazy".

3. Lance Bass was there looking like a cutie. 

Oh, someone tell me this: why do some ladies go to outdoor concerts in a strapless minidress and six-inch heels? That's not going down. I need to be warm. It was so cold tonight that I wish I could've worn a Snuggie. The dudes they're with are not in strapless dresses. They have on pants. Jackets. CLOTHES.

But y'all don't care about that. I'm gonna go take something for my head. More soon!


hahha! love this! you're so hilarious, lizzy.
K. Rock said…
Yes! I always wonder why women have to be so cold to go to the club and guys get to layer up! I just hate it. It's housecoats and fuzzy slippers for me. It's too cold for all that sleveless mess...

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