Yes, I Know I Look A Hot Mess

"You look so nice/cute/pretty today!"

It's nice to hear it but dayum if it doesn't sometimes make a sista wonder - and that would be moi doing the wondering -if she looks like crap the other days of the week.

If I rarely look put together these days, let me tell you why:

My mornings begin around 5 AM. I take the dog out. I feed the dog. I check my email. I work out. I take the dog out again. I get myself dressed. Sometimes I'm so tired that I don't care what I put on. I'd rather just wear what I wore the day before.

I get my two sons dressed, fed and packed up for school. I have to detach my nine year old from a jar of hair gel and drag him out of the bathroom and make my seven year-old stop skateboarding in the backyard. I hustle us to the car and we drive 30 minutes in traffic to school...

...At which point I desperately want to go home and go back to bed, but of course we all know THAT is not happening. And so I go to work.

There are days I feel extremely jealous of all the people I know who have no one but themselves to get dressed and out the door. There are days when I look at the clothes in my closet and think how I'd love new ones -except a) I hate shopping and b) my nine year-old grows like a weed and HE needs new clothes.

No, I don't want to trade my kids for a pair of new shoes, but you know what I mean.

Sigh. Sorry that I sting your eyeballs sometimes. Sorry I look a hot mess most days of the week. I'll try to better. Really. I will.


Julia said…
oh, i know what you mean... I feel lucky that my shoes match. And that's about as far as it goes.

will it make you feel any better if i point out that at least your dog doesn't have a bladder infection? (cause mine does, and, man, does that ever add to the morning stress.)LOL.

i'm trying to tell myself that it could be worse--like if we had wall-to-wall carpeting, for example.

here's to laughing right through it all...
Liz Dwyer said…
Whaat? A bladder infection? Dogs can get those? (says the newbie puppy owner!)
nick said…
Ah, that'll be me you're jealous of then. But I'm sure you'd rather have too much to do than be hanging around like a lost soul. And you'd rather have a couple of boisterous kids than none. Plus we're all entitled to look crap occasionally, life's too hectic to be perfectly turned-out 24/7, unless we're a wealthy celeb with an army of beauticians and personal trainers.
Julia said…
yes, they do get them, but don't worry. it's not that common (we've had two in seven years).

It's just like having a puppy. lol.
Anonymous said…
You've just described my mornings, except for the waking up at 5 and working out part and I still look like the other side of crazy most mornings as I rush the dog along to pee faster.
Jameil said…
Thank you!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Ok, please be assured I'm not being nosy when I ask - don't you have a husband? Doesn't he play some role here? Or is he on the evening shift?

And yes, my husband and I don't have any children so we look perfectly put together in the morning. Now I'm feeling guilty...maybe I'll get a dog (they're cheaper).

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