Los Angelista Holiday Fitness Challenge Day 1

Three cheers that so many of you are on board with the Los Angelista Holiday Fitness Challenge! I'm glad I'm not alone in wanting my pants to fit on January 1st. We are gonna rock this!

Today's the first day of the challenge so if you still want to join, it's NOT too late. There are three easy parts to beating the Holiday Blubber Monster -and NONE of them involve drinking Slim Fast or avoiding pasta and brown rice!

1) Step 1: Weigh yourself today: I know it's hard to face the number on the scale but just do it. I got on my Wii Fit this morning and weighed myself and (shocker) my weight and BMI are in the normal range. But whatever the scale says, the point isn't to feel bad and beat yourself up about that number. The point is to keep that number from getting any larger.

2) Step 2: Exercise at least 30 minutes: Last night before I went to bed I wrote down exactly what I was going to do for exercise today and what time I was going to do it, and then I taped that to my alarm clock. I ended up running 2.62 miles in 30 minutes. I'm a slow runner and I have had heel pain for like two months so I'm taking it easy as much as possible when I run.

**After I ran, I wrote down in my notebook how I felt: "I feel like I should be going faster but at least I'm out there trying. The first 10 minutes were the hardest. I wanted to stop like three times. But by the 20 minute mark I felt like I could run an hour. Good job. Your pants will fit on January 1st and you will look HAWT!"

3) Step 3: Write down what you eat: Yep, I bought a little notebook to keep track of what I've eaten today and so far this is what's in it: 2 cups of Darjeeling tea, 1.5 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, two mandarin oranges, a nice sized slice of mozzarella cheese, and a handful of pretzels.

What's missing? Oops, no veggies and no water. I'll have to remedy that at dinner.

I'm considering using SparkPeople to track what I eat/workouts. I've done that before and I liked it so maybe I'll go back to that. Not sure yet. Sometimes I prefer low-tech paper and pen.

Not bad for day 1. But of course everybody's always all motivated on day 1. Let's see if we can keep this going all the way to day 31! Hope you had a successful start of the challenge today! We can do this! Our pants will fit on January 1st!


Ashley said…
i'm using http://dailyburn.com/ to track my stuff :) if you're on there friend me "ashleymichelle"

yay! you are inspiring me already!
ooh shoot! I didn't know you were doing this! I'll weight myself tomorrow. :)

I'm with you!

hey, I found that drinking coconut water really helped my post long run nausea. I can also eat oranges while I run - no sickness. I found the maltodextrin to be part of what makes me sick
Dave's Michele said…
Weighed myself, but I suck at the keeping track thing...that will be my goal, to last more than a week ;)
Sharifa said…
I have broken two scales since moving to this house, not buying any more. However, I did weigh myself less than two weeks ago and I am still 5kg above my pre-pregnancy weight. That number needs to go down, not up!! So, seeing how my husband is done travelling for the year and can be at home with our son, I will make it to more than one excercise class a week. Also, not baking until the last weekend before xmas.
Jameil said…
i felt so good working out today! my food was mehhh but i'll work on that! i'm using a regular old text edit document to keep track of my progress.
Unknown said…
I am tracking my food on my menu and crossing things off as I eat them. I also exercise 30 minutes a day - (at least) I am right there with you!
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Well, can I join?
I’ve increased the Weekly Mileage up into the 50’s. Looking to hit the 60’s + by the start of the new year. (I know, I'm a weenie ... but I can't get any more time out of the busy schedule to get any more miles in. Maybe when the kiddie's are grown.)
Maybe the old body has a few good 10K races left in it. Will build the aerobic base for some months, then hit the Intervals and Speed workouts very Hard. We’ll see how it goes, huh?

Will this get me in?
1969 said…
I'm in. Sorry I am late but I was sidelined by the flu.

I use Sparkpeople and love it.
Unknown said…
Spent the last two days eating my way through the German Christmas markets; strudel, schnitzel, spaetzle, sausage. Not a good way to start of this holiday fitness challenge.
Liz Dwyer said…
Cool, I'll check that site out. You all inspire me, too. It would be much more difficult to do this on my own.

Glad you're in! Sweet! And good to know it might be the maltodextrin. The mileage is getting up there for me and I'm an intestinal basket case over 16 miles.

Daves Michele,
You can last more than a week. I'm trying to approach this as me just doing the parts I can and if I forget to write down a few things, no worries. I think my desire to be perfect sometimes trips me up. If I can't do it all 100% right than eff it! Trust me, if my flaky behind can last a week, you can, too!

How in the world did you break two scales? Hmph! That sounds like the scales fault, not yours. I remember buying a scale in China and being all psyched about the number on it till I realized I needed to multiply it by 2.2 to get the lbs. And that's when I discovered I'd gained like 20 pounds!

I have to find somewhere to try Zumba! I never ate any veggies last night. I seriously don't think the handful of french fries I scarfed down counts!

Making a menu beforehand and crossing stuff off is a really good idea. Hmm... that would eliminate a lot of the "what am I gonna eat for lunch" drama I go thru!

Of course you can join! You can be our male role model for fitness. How many miles do you run per day? 4 or 5 and then a long run on the weekend? I've been trying to do more hill intervals because those killed me last year and it's certainly hilly enough around here for me to practice on.

Are you feeling better? I don't know how you were cooking for folks when you were sick!

I need to try it out Sparkpeople my Blackberry. I haven't yet and that would probably be good for me.

Ms. Wooden Shoes,
Yum! I think that's an awesome way to start it out. Keep your workouts going and you'll be good. Plus, you get exercise walking thru the markets, right?

No all or nothing with this. I'm just doing what I can, which is all we can each ever do, right?

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