The Crunkest Feliz Navidad You'll Ever See

It's been a good day in Los Angelistastan. Like, a really good day!

Today I was offered a job that wasn't even on my radar two weeks ago but wowzer, when I found out about it, it sounded like THE DREAM JOB for your girl! Seriously, Education + Writing = Dream Job. Yes, it's jumping back into the full time thing but I really like the magazine, I like the people, I like the ideas and values they stand for, and no one said, uh, you're gonna have to straighten your hair to work here because your fro does not look professional. Did I already mention "dream job"?

I'll tell you all about it eventually... or maybe not since I've pretty much always had a policy that I will not write about work on my personal blog. We'll see how all that works out. Anyway, since this is shaping up to be a very happy new year in the Los Angelista house, I have to share what is quite possibly the crunkest performance of Feliz Navidad I have ever seen.

My kids had their holiday program at school today and although neither of them are in this particular performance, I'd heard that this was going to be off the chain so I filmed it. Trust me, you want to watch:

The full performance was over 3 minutes but that first minute really had me struggling not to fall off my chair with laughter. You know the performance is hot when someone yells out, "Yo, it's like a Christmas Daddy Yankee is on stage!"

I am definitely going to celebrate tonight, and I sure hope I have as much bounce as those kids!


sundry said…
Congratulations! Wonderful news! I'm so glad for you. You made this happen. Thanks for sharing the vid. Too fun!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you for the congrats! I'm really excited and happy about it. The only better thing would've been a job writing about Depeche Mode! ;)

I think I've watched the video of the performance probably 20 times today. I love it, love the enthusiasm & exuberance.
April said…
I'm so excited for you, but DYING to know more about it. Hey, if it's writing, does that mean we might read your byline somewhere? Tell, tell! (I think you have my email too :)
nick said…
Well done you, hope it really does turn out to be the dream job!
Eunice said…
Awesome! Both the job news and the performance.
Liz Dwyer said…
My byline will be somewhere - I'm sure I'll tell more about it sometime soon! ;)

Thanks! I hope so as well.

Those kids are sooo cute. The job is definitely awesome, too!

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