In Case You Didn't Know...

Five year-old son: Do you know the Achilles Heel is the most vulnerable part of a man's body?

My Friend: Really? Is that right?

Son (In his most matter of fact, intellectual voice): Yes, it is.

He paused thoughtfully before adding:
Some people think it's the "nuts" but it's not. It's the Achilles heel.

I'm sharing this with you just so we're all clear it's the Achilles Heel, not the, er, other part of the anatomy.


Anonymous said…
And yet, I think most men would prefer and injury to the Achilles' heel!
Sundry said…
OMG! I just laughed until it hurt a little. I love your kids!

Thanks soooo much for tonight! It was really amazing to meet so many women who are making it happen for themselves, and to see you. I am still grinning. (And up way too late!)
sippinwineman said…
(spoken like Ben Stein). . . . So. . . .what he's saying is. . . .guys know/learn to automatically protect their reproductive organs. So. . . say on a playground, guys shouldn't worry too much about getting hit down there. Now if you're on a playground and someone reaches for a pencil on the ground. . . .WATCH OUT.
Liz Dwyer said…
He's said this to four other people, along with his, "It smells as bad as a gym sock in August." Sigh!

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