10 Things I'm Wondering

Oh, I wish I could be one of those bloggers that comes up with something interesting for you to read every single day.

But I'm not... and besides, I have too many things I'm wondering.

For example:

1) Don't you wish you could sit on the beach every day?

2) Is Swine Flu hype over?

3) Is Donald Trump gonna say, "You're Fired!" to Miss California, Carrie Prejean? Should he?

4) Why does Dick Cheney keep talking? Shouldn't he be off hunting somewhere?

5) Why are red light cameras, particularly the one on Olympic and Highland, so evil?

6) What face cream does Anderson Cooper use? (The man is ageless and that can't just be good genes.)

7) Who stole my Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times off my porch?

8) If I had Cher's body, would I wear stuff like this?

9) Did you go see Star Trek yet?

10) If you were Elizabeth Edwards, would you have written the tell-all book and then gone on Oprah, the Today Show and then booked Larry King, too?


I wonder many of those things as well.

To be honest I don't get the whole Elizabeth Edwards thing. Not sure why she wrote the book or seems to blame Ms. Hunter more than her husband. What, is her husband, the very successful trial lawyer, defenseless against "aggressive" women?
Jameil said…
1) YESS!!!!
2) I hope.
as for the times, i would've been PISSED! that's the best one!
nick said…
Re 10, I really admire Jerry Hall for deciding NOT to write a kiss and tell book and returning the £500,000 advance from the publisher. How unusual is that?

Re Cher, I think she looks sexier now than she did previously. Of course she's probably botoxed and lifted to within an inch of life but even so....
Liz Dwyer said…
NYC/CR,I don't get it either. If it was me, I wouldn't say a word... or I'd write a "fiction" book about it. I keep wondering, is she doing it for the $$ because I know John can't be bringing in too much moolah these days.

Jameil,And the funny thing is, I actually JUST subscribed a month ago because I felt sooo bad for the newspaper industry and the sales guy was so pitiful. I should just cancel. It's been stolen two weeks in a row.

Nick,Oh, you KNOW Jerry Hall could've lit a house on fire from 50 yards away with all the dirt she could've dredged up about Mick Jagger!

I have no respect for kiss and tell in any form but it seems to be an acceptable thing nowadays.

You know Cher is totally botoxed and lifted, but I guess I'd rather see her like that than totally out of shape and miserable.
Liz Dwyer said…
Can I just say it drives me NUTS now how the HTML formatting of blogger is doing something weird where it won't allow a space between bold text and normal text. ANNOYING!
Unknown said…
I was in L.A a couple of weeks ago for about a week and the Swine Flu hype went from "Oh no! Swine flu! We're all gonna diiiiiie!" to "It's not nearly as bad as we thought". I told my mom I'm not sure if I should be concerned or just chalk it up to American media over-hype. Since I've heard very little about it now that I'm back in Europe, I'm thinking it's definitely media over-hype.

And those red light cameras in LA are ca-razy. I was behind a car that got got once and the flash was blinding. It could have seriously caused an accident. Why is all that necessary?

As for Elizabeth Edwards, she's probably trying to ensure that her kids are financially secure when she goes because cheatin' ass John will probably hook up with some money-hungry heffa who will convince him to leave them high and dry.

Just my two cents...
Ian Lidster said…
Despite the crappy way Elizabeth Edwards was treated by her snake of a husband, she only serves to cheapen herself by doing what she is doing. And I say blame the one who should be blamed.
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
The beach IS beautiful. Think I’ll just start living on the beach. Right about the Santa Monica boardwalk area; join all the other “non-housed” I step over there …

Don’t give Mr. Cheney a loaded gun. Please.

Who’s Anderson Copper?

Is Cher still Alive? Geez, can anybody ever accept the fact ya do get, like OLD? Which one of these so overdone “can’t let go of it” females will be the first 80+ year old in a see-through skin suit. In public. Eeeck!

Gonna see Star Trek this weekend. On IMAX. Not far from you …
Movie got my son’s Thumbs up, so going to go.

Now we know why Mrs. Edward’s stayed with a guy who would lie to you, lie again, and then lie some more, all the while telling you he loves you and has sex with you (Great political material there!). “Show me the Book Deal!”
We are such a no-class society anymore …

Oh, and Thanks for the paper!
Lisa Blah Blah said…
Hey, wait a minute - did the guy at the Vons on Sunset and Hillhurst get you to subscribe? Because he got me too! And he was all like, "okay, for $X, you'll get the Sunday Times delivered and with your subscription you'll also be able to read it online the rest of the week." Do I look like an idiot? ANYBODY can read it online, it's free! LOL!
Shiona said…
I just decided to answer the questions (althouh some are according to me) and you were asking them about you...


2.Not quite.

3. He should but if he said okay to last year's winner I think he'll do the same now.

4. Yes he should be off hunting...

5.We have red light cameras in our little town too and the one on Ave L and 20th Street West went off with a vengeance Saturday night.

6.Oh my gosh I could look at him for ages.

7. Apparently the same folks who couldn't come up with .20 at 7-11 yesterday for ice cream...

8. Wow!

9. No. I love that show too!

10. I'm pretty sure I would have picked between the tell all book or one show. That whole situation is a puzzle.
sippinwineman said…
1. Not really.
2. Yeah. Last week, I think.
3. Yeah he will. His contest (kinda), his rules.
4. He apparently can't do both at the same time.
5. Because I, The Great One, built them that way!! hahahahahahahaha


6. Who?!
7. Beats me.
8. You, who rarely posts full body shot pics? I'd bet you're in shape enough to do it. I don't think you would.
9. No. I'll watch it when it comes on satellite.
10. I don't care much about E. Edwards enough to care. Really.
Jameil said…
tell them and they'll replace them for you.
Liz Dwyer said…
Ms. Wooden Shoes,
I think the red light cameras are awful. They probably cause a LOT of rear-end collisions and I think you're probably spot on with Elizabeth Edwards' motivation.

Absolutely. Her appearances have creeped me out a bit and I wonder what her children think of it all.

So I have YOU to thank for my missing paper!!!

Anderson Cooper -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anderson_Cooper
the hot guy on CNN, the original "Silver Fox".

Yes, Cher is still alive. It's hard to accept getting old in a society that says you're no one worth knowing if you don't look youthful.

OMG!!! YEP, that's where I signed up, too! I pointed out to him that I read it online everyday and he told me there's some parts that are only accessible by subscribers. But if most of the interesting news is on the parts everybody can see, why am I subscribing?

We have to run into each other one of these days soon! :)

LOL, can you believe Trump let Ms Prejean keep her crown? Wowzer. And your "Apparently the same folks who couldn't come up with .20 at 7-11 yesterday for ice cream... now THAT had me DYING laughing!

Haha! And how do some of y'all mens NOT know who Anderson Cooper is?

You know, I don't frequently post pictures of myself. The fact that I have in the past couple of weeks is a pure anomaly. But this is me: http://twitpic.com/3fpld --

I called and they said its too late for this week, better luck next week.
Sundry said…
You should really set this to music. "Why do birds...suddenly appear...everytime...you are near?" ;)
If I were Elizabeth Edwards, John would probably be dead.

I think Trump, whom I despise, incidentally, made the right decision although I totally disagree with Carrie What's Her Face's views. She has a right to them, just as I have a right to my opposing ones. Besides, she's not a real person - she's a Barbie doll. Mattell didn't provide brains, just boobs.

I wonder where Cher shops. Wonder Woman meets Frederick's of Hollywood, maybe.
Anonymous said…
Couldn't make it past #1 - YES!!

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