Because Sometimes Drooling Is A Good Thing...

I know, it's just 100% wrong that I see this picture and want to lick my laptop screen. The only thing keeping me from doing so is I that I'm worried I might burn my tongue because the screen is so hot.

Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't even say such things in my head, let alone type them. I feel like I'm in need of a lecture on the Seven Deadly Sins. It's just that, wow, is homie-love-affair fine or what???

Seriously, why oh why did I wash my hand after meeting Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom?

Yes, I know all his names by heart, but, um, that's ONLY because I'm a visual learner with a quirky memory and I saw them written down somewhere. Really. I pinky swear that's not true, if only because I'm too dang old to write his name over and over on the cover of my notebook.

I should get a t-shirt made with this picture on it, saying, "He said I'm gorgeous. How ya like me now???"

Yowzer... I might just have to get my Legolas doll down off the shelf. HOT!!!
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D- said…
He's the real reason you trained for the marathon, isn't he? So you could chase him down the street
Liz Dwyer said…
Shh, don't tell anybody!
D- said…
haha, I'll just wait for the paparazzi shots on TMZ :-D
Liz Dwyer said…
OK, it's REALLY sad but I dreamed about this dude all night. I dreamed I ran into him on Sunset Blvd., and we went to a cafe and had lunch, hung out at a park with his dogs... he came back here, played with my boys, took a nap on the couch and then went home. That's when I realized I hadn't taken a single picture of us together in all that time! AAGH!
D - said…
You have managed to make me laugh out loud as well as be slightly terrified for poor Orlando :-P
Oh Liz you've inspired me. I feel the same way about Keanu Reeves and have to do a post about it. My stat numbers will plummet but oh well....
Sundry said…
Chuck Connors once told me he liked my outfit, but I never had a crush on him. If I could get Ralph Fiennes to say anything nice to me, I would have it tattooed on my tush.
Liz Dwyer said…
The sad thing is I'm on the tame side of fangirldom. Some folks are straight up stalkerish. They ARE scary!

Yes, you must do a post about your Keanu admiration... who cares about stat numbers! :)

Ralph Fiennes is awesome. He even made Voldemort kinda hot!

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