Depeche Mode Day? Make It Happen, Eric Garcetti!

At last Thursday's Depeche Mode takeover of Hollywood, there was a certain someone who is NOT a member of the band, but who I was TOTALLY psyched to see on stage at the end of the show. That would be my Councilman, Eric Garcetti.

I would wear a Garcetti t-shirt on my days off from Depeche Mode shirts, not necessarily because of his politics, but because he is a seriously cool guy who clearly means well... and, ahem, he's pretty hot in his own right.

It turns out that Depeche Mode's webmaster, Daniel Barassi, interviewed Garcetti today (I am SO jealous) about the Hollywood show. Check it out:

I have to say, a Depeche Mode Day in Los Angeles is one of the best darn ideas I've heard in awhile. It's pure genius, in fact! This city has supported this band like none other-- we're the heart and soul of Mode in the States. So, Eric Garcetti, will you really make it happen? Pretty please?


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