Customer Service 101

1) If you work in the electronics department of a store (Target) and I ask you to show me where digital camera screen shields are, DO NOT roll your eyes, sigh, point and say, "Over there."

2) If you do that, yes, I'm going to ask to speak to your manager.

If you don't want me to talk to your manager you need to walk me over to where the item is and ask, "Is this what you were looking for?"

If I say no, you should try to help me as much as you can.

If I say yes, then you need to sincerely and politely ask, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Really, it's not hard. Get it together, people. Get it together.


nick said…
I worked in bookshops for many years, and if I had ever treated customers like that I would have been in trouble. You absolutely do not simply point somewhere. You take the customer to the spot, be friendly and see if they need any advice about choosing. Your experience indicates poor recruitment, poor training and poor supervision. All too common unfortunately.
MK said…
At least he pointed you in the right direction, lol. I went in there the other day looking for a phone that was on sale. When I asked the man if there were anymore in the back (shelf was empty) he shrugged his shoulders. Thankfully someone came along but still.
Anonymous said…
I haven't had as much troupble in Target, but when I used to shop at WalMart, this was exactly the kind of "help" I'd get - that is, when I could even find someone who worked there!
Wow, the employee sighed and rolled his/her eyes? That is obnoxious and maybe they should do something else for a living.
David Sullivan said…
This problem stems from Little League where everyone wins, false praise and coddleing our children.

Esteem building is important, but when it is built up past the point of neccessity you get generation of people who thin k if they "just show up" to work, then they should be employee of the month. We've set the bar so low that everyone thinks that they are in positions that are "beneath" them.

Praise when praise is deserved. Reward when something is actually fully accomplished, but love always...
Jameil said…
WOW! i have a lot of experience expressing my dissatisfaction with service but i rarely do it in person. that is a MESS. i can't stand going somewhere and having that happen.
I 100% agree with you on this one...I know times are hard right now but if you're not made for retail then hey.....don't take a job in retail.

I can fully admit with myself that I am NOT made for retail...not because I hold myself to higher standard but merely because I know I can't hold my tongue and I'll get fired the first day for saying something I shouldn't have to some ignorant customer!!!! (Well at least someone I deemed ignorant! LOL)
tamigill said…
Uggh, so annoying, Liz!!! Hate that you had to deal with that, especially while the little one was with you.

My favorite are the people that see you walk up to them and just look at you with this exasperated expression like you are annoying the crap out of them for WHATEVER it is that you're about to ask. As a parent, isn't it that much more irritating when this happens while your kids are with you? I can't explain why right now, but it surely is for me. Grrr....
Mes Deux Cents said…

What this boils down to, I think, is that so many people don't take pride in their work. I truly believe that attitude is trickling down from the top. Just consider the horrible service that we consumers get from most American service companies, cable etc.

If this is going to turn around I think it will have to come from the top as well. Unfortunately though I think most American businesses are only concerned with quarterly profits and making sure that the upper-level management gets their bonuses.
Liz Dwyer said…
I've gotten the pointing thing quite a few times and it drives me NUTS! I know people say, well, they're only getting paid $8 or $9 an hour so what do you expect. My thing is, if you work somewhere, you aren't there to just ring stuff up and ask for payment! Sigh.

Thanks for chiming in. I think this is your first time leaving me a comment so welcome. Yeah, I hate when I ask if there's anything in the back because 99% of the time I'm convinced the employee says no just so they don't have to go back and look.

AAGH! Wal-Mart!!! I haven't been to one in 11 years but from what I remember, I was convinced an employee was gonna cuss me out if I asked for help. Sigh, Wal-Mart is the devil!

YES HE DID! I was at the Target in Glendale. The manager was very apologetic about it, but still, it was just out the box!

You're probably totally right. I worry about whether I'm raising my boys like that and while I don't think so, I'm sure every parent doesn't think so. I'm on them about doing their best and maintaining a standard of excellence no matter what, but that "just show up" attitude is everywhere these days.

When it's really egregious, I always let them know in person. And then if I don't like their response, I phone or email their corporate headquarters. And if it's really bad, I boycott. (Haven't been to Banana Republic in 2 1/2 years.)

Brown English Muffin,
LOL, I never worked retail but I worked in restaurants and there was a LOT Of tongue holding! Folks would argue up and down that they hadn't ordered something when they had! Drove me nuts sometimes but I always came back with a smile. And I never spit in their food, promise! :)

Yes, it is worse when you are with your kids. Last week I was with my youngest again and I broke up a chat fest the employees at JC Penney were having. After almost a minute of me standing there looking at them, I actually was super sarcastic and said something like, "Are you three working or are you just standing around talking?" -- and then I felt bad because not only was it wrong of me, I was modeling being snarky for my kid! Aagh!
Liz Dwyer said…
I just don't get why they don't realize that their profits don't go up because of the horrible service. I guess they figure it doesn't matter (because everyone still has cable even if Comcast and Time Warner are the devil!)
Kim Moldofsky said…
Here, here!

I've also noticed that counting change is a lost art/service. Even though the cash register indicates the amount that needs to be given back, I find it's just handed to me. Annoying.
Liz Dwyer said…
SO true! If I don't count it myself to make sure I'm getting the right amount back, I'm out of luck!
Customer DISservice rules, sadly.

But more importantly, I didn't know there were digital camera screen shields. I assume they make it possible to actually see what you're photographing instead of pointing and guessing because all you can see is your own reflection?

I will be at the camera store tomorrow the minute they open. Thank you!!!
Hollywood Mom said…
In that video freeze frame, Justine is seriously channeling Heather/ Dooce.

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