Voting in a Little Midnight Madness

So who's NOT watching the "debate" between McCain and Obama tonight?

I love my mom's response to my asking her if she was gonna watch: "No. I already know who I'm going to vote for."

Mom, you don't want to watch that trainwreckery? You don't want to watch more lies being said on TV?

I feel her though because, ahem, I already know which candidate has my vote too! And seriously, how do people not know yet which candidate they're gonna vote for? I recently read Jen of A2EatWrite's great post, "How to Vote/How to Buy a Car" -- and it's SO true. Some people spend more time reading Consumer Reports and researching in Kelly Blue Books than they do reading up on the presidential candidates.

Another question: Are YOU registered to vote? If you aren't, PLEASE get yourself registered TODAY. I recently found out that someone I've known for 20 years wasn't registered. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to just come out and say, "Shame on you because your grandparents couldn't vote for a good part of their lives and neither could mine because of racism in this country." But instead I said, "Oh, good for you. You'll be a first time voter!"

Truly, if you are gonna be a first time voter at the age of 44, more power to you. Better late than never, I guess, but, um, thanks for the gift of continual trickle-down economics.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm already blasting some Chemical Brothers. After all, I have to get myself pumped up for my TEN MILE RUN tomorrow morning. Hmm... since the world has lost it's darn mind, how about a little "Midnight Madness"?

Just imagine if McCain gets asked about the Keating 5 tonight and then he rips his mask out to reveal that he's the... whatever the heck this dancing thing is in this video! Instead of responding, he does break dance moves! I'm sure Fox News would then report that that should put concerns about his health to a rest. "McCain's got a with-it-ness that will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, fix the economy!!!"

With all the craziness that's already happened this week, I would not be surprised. You just wait and see!


Anonymous said…
I'll have to catch up with the debate tomorrow morning, allowing for Belfast time. That is, if McCain hasn't found some new pretext for opting out. I loved Obama's comment that a president ought to be able to handle two things at once....
Toni Campbell said…
i won't be watching mainly because i have to get up at 5 am for work tomorrow! but i doubt that i would watch anyway, i'll just catch the highlights on the interwebs the next day. while i'm awake, though, i'll watch the e true hollywood story about cults.
Jen said…
Too bad we can't all have a debate watching party together! And thanks for the shout out. BTW... on NYC's blog, in the comments section, someone posted a link to an AMAZING article in the National Review of all places - go check it out. You'll love it!
Lola Gets said…
I am soooo not watching that debate.

Sundry said…
I just watched it. I'm so proud that Barack Obama's going to be our next president. He's so level headed and eloquent and I love a person who is able to respectfully disagree.

I plan to finish off my first 50 neighbor to neighbor phone calls this weekend and either do more from home or go to a phone bank gathering.

McCain looked like he could barely contain his rage a few times. He was so condescending and kept saying that Obama didn't understand things....Grrr. I don't want a person like that representing me!!
Jennifer said…
I know who I'm voting for too -- but I still watched the debate. And I sent in my absentee ballot today -- Obama's getting my vote FOR SURE!
Lola Gets said…
Ok, I lied. I ran into some Al Jazeera friends as I was leaving work, and they invited me to watch the debate at the studio, so I did. Well, when we weren't talking, I watched, and that wasn't much, lol.

Anonymous said…
I haven't watched the whole debate, only part of it, but the pundits say it was too polite and too bland and didn't exactly set the world on fire. The big talking point is Sarah Palin's inept interview in which she was constantly fumbling for words and quite out of her depth.
Liz Dwyer said…
You mean you didn't want to get up at 2 AM to watch it? :) I didn't watch the whole thing either. It was pretty painful to see McCain's teeth. The man looks like he could use a box of Crest Whitestrips. I'm sure the "thing" in the Chemical Brother's video has better teeth.

Exactly. I got up at 4:45 for my morning run this morning. I was just exhausted last night and had a horrible headache, so I was in no mood to watch it. I'll bet that THS about the cults was a trip.

National Review? Oh I'll definitely check THAT out. :)

"Al Jazeera friends" Love it! It is fun to watch with friends and totally crack on what folks say. A friend was gonna come over but I (horribly) forgot that we'd talked about it earlier in the week and did not feel great and so I totally flaked. It ended up being a good thing because I did not watch too much. Although, it would've been fun to throw popcorn at the TV everytime McCain said, "What Mr. Obama doesn't understand..."

McCain's body language was horrible. His vibe was totally, "Can you believe this uppity negro?" Sooo offensive!

And SO cool that you are making calls! I know two folks who are trying to go to Nevada to help the Obama campaign. It's so cool to see how Obama totally brought in his organizing experience and has more people involved than ever before. Nice to see a less apathetic electorate!

If you vote absentee do you get the little sticker that says, "I voted"?
Jennifer said…
No sticker for voting absentee (only drawback). BUT I will wear my Obama button all day on election day!
Doret said…
One of Obama's best lines to McCain @ the debate
"I have a bracelet too"
And McCain over used the Miss Congeniality line, its cute the first time after that its tired.
And congrats on running 10 miles. I would never run 10 miles. Walk yes run no
Liz Dwyer said…
I put the stickers in my journals as a memento. BUT the absentee thing is tempting because during the last presidential election I stood in line for over an hour to vote. It was a little crazy.

There's a group of racewalkers that walked the ten miles. I have no idea how long it took them but they're awesome! I cheered when I heard about that, "I have a bracelet too," line. Amen, put a stop to the phony anecdotes!
David Sullivan said…
I ran 12 miles once during football training camp on a bet when I was a sophmore in High School...I thought I was gonna die for about an hour after I was about the definition of sophmoric!

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