New, Good and Observed

I have been a total blog slacker for the past few days. What can I say? It was a holiday weekend and I've been trying to party like it's 1999. I extended the partying into today and now here it is, almost 11:30 at night and I need to go to bed. But before I do, here's a rundown of what's new and good in my life... and a couple of observations for y'all.

Sorry if this is your first visit here and you were expecting some AMAZING blogging, but, uh... I only have a little of what's New, Good and Observed!

New and Good:

1) I'm Awesome: I know, totally lacking in humility, but let me explain! On Saturday I ran SIX miles in a little over an hour. I've never run that far all at once in my entire life AND I felt great when I finished. All my hard work and training is paying off. I'm so proud of myself.

2) Free Stuff: Just when I was bemoaning the eyesore that was the three mismatched random bookcases in my dining room (I have a lot of books so there are bookcases in every room in my house) one of my neighbors decided to pop by and see if we wanted any of his stuff because he's moving in with his girlfriend. So guess what? I got spanking brand new bookcases and a new coffee table, just like that. For FREE! Too bad he didn't want to throw in the fab leather couch, but, hey, I'm grateful, not greedy.

3) Cleaning Mania: I have to confess, I lied about the aforementioned partying. That was just a dream. I haven't been partying at all. I've been engaging in total cleaning mania since Sunday morning. It's like my neat-freak sister came and slipped something in my can of Coke Zero. I mean, I was washing walls and gut-rehabbing closets and cabinets. Did I fall and hit my head and I just don't know it?

4) Gustav not being Katrina: I know damage has been sustained but it wasn't as bad as Katrina and that's something I know millions of people are grateful for. Thank God.


1) Republican Convention: Are they for real? Sooo boring I could only watch for like two minutes. Even I could plan a better convention than that snore fest. At least throw a little New Jack Swing up in the mix.

In fact, I have the perfect theme song for them: "My Fantasy" by Guy.

Seriously, throw Sarah Palin's US Weekly cover up on the screen and then the whole crowd can sing along with Teddy Riley: "It's just a fantasy! Image in a magazine! I've seen her face before..."

Yup, yup!

2) Preggo 17 year-olds: Gosh, isn't it funny how it's a private matter and "life happens" when sweet l'il Juno's got an eggo in her preggo? How come your friendly neighborhood Jaquiesha and her mom don't get the same positive response? Huh? Answer that for me!

3) Labor Day
: I'm going to ask the next person who complains about unions and how they keep bad teachers in classrooms if they went to work on Labor Day. Unions aren't perfect and have their own issues, but none of y'all would have Labor Day off if it wasn't for unions. Heck, you wouldn't have health care or a five day work week if it wasn't for unions, so, ahem, shaddup.

Fine, you're convinced that I really did fall and hit my head.

What did it? That Guy video? Alright, I'll spare you anymore of what's new, good and observed. Besides, I need to go to bed because tomorrow is the first day of school and my baby is going to kindergarten! Yesterday he managed to obtain an Indiana Jones costume, complete with a whip, and he thinks he's wearing it tomorrow.

I need to rest up for what's sure to be a battle royale in the morning.


congrats on the free stuff. Wow I can't believe that Us Magazine cover. Again why did Palin say yes given all the drama going on with her family?
ooops and congrats on running the six miles.
the walking man said…
"Anything for free except a hard time" says I
David Sullivan said…
Wow are you right on about "Juno" (isn't that a city in Alaska? he, he). Maybe Mrs. Palin is too busy politicking and not spending quality time with her family. I'm not judgeing, but the hypocracy is amazing.
thailandchani said…
One of the things to keep in mind in this whole Palin thing is that she is just one of many parents who have to deal with a teenaged pregnancy. That seems to be at the core.

I don't agree with her politics in any way - but the judgement serves no one.

I would rather see her challenged on the things she believes and let her show her true values that way.

Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! I'll be doing seven miles this Saturday. Eek! And that cover is a doozy, isn't it! I know our political process is totally twisted but goodness, this VP pick and the insane way folks are behaving is unbelievable.

The Walking Man,
hahah! I agree 100%! :)

Yep, Juno is a homophone for Juneau, AK. I don't really blame the mother for the daughter being pregnant because teens have their own minds and will do irresponsible things no matter what their parents say. What I do think is hypocritical is the whole "private matter" speak. Isn't Palin trying to legislate on what should be private matters between a woman and her doctor? And I think there's a whole double standard for teens that are not from white, middle class backgrounds. There would be no talk in the media of how crazy-in-love these two reckless kids really are!

I'd rather see her challenged on issues as well. I haven't heard a thing about what she thinks about healthcare, education, Iran, social security... and instead, this is getting turned into yet another culture war we don't need!
Anonymous said…
First, yay for you on the new bookcases and the run!

And about Palin's daughter- had it been the daughter of a prominant democrat (Obama, say) Fox "News" would be all over it, pointing to it as evidence of the Democratic party's lack of family values and obvious moral failings. Excuse me, I need to go lie down for a minute
Anonymous said…
I get very annoyed by people who slag off unions because they're completely ignorant of all the employment benefits unions fought for for years and which they now take entirely for granted. They'd get a nasty shock if they had to work in the conditions that existed prior to trade unions.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm loving the new bookcases. They make it look like a whole new room.

I absolutely agree about what the reaction would be if had been Obama's daughter or, can you imagine Chelsea Clinton? There's a media firestorm now but seriously, we have no idea how off the hook it can be. And it bugs me how the media keeps focusing on the pregnancy and not on the other crazy stuff like this secession organization they were in, left her town in debt, did political intimidation... all just craziness!
the last noel said…
Congrats on running those six miles--woohoo! Only 20 more to go.
Liz Dwyer said…
I do as well. I think there are a whole lot of people who are being put in a position where they have to work 70-80 hour weeks and they are afraid to say no because then they'll get a bad review. Unions can definitely stop a whole lot of workplace abuse!
Liz Dwyer said…
20.2! Don't forget about the .2! :)

Seriously though, I am amazed at myself. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel after the marathon.
Jen said…
Hope the battle royale isn't.

Hope it's a great first day, too! And congrats on the run.

And I am SO with you on all the observations.
Shiona said…
Congrats on running so many miles. Wow! I hope your boys had a good day at school.

That whole pregnancy thing is really annoying me. I agree with the commenters. Great observations.
Liz Dwyer said…
It was a great 1st day! He loves his K teacher. And I'll be doing seven miles on Saturday. Can't believe it! Whoo hoo!

They had a great 180-something more to go! :)

I wonder how folks feel about her trotting her daughter out on stage with her boyfriend. Not that the girl needs to hide in a locked closet, but gosh, can you imagine a black teen being up on stage in such a manner? Double standard!
Karen said…
Yeah the RNC was a total snooze-fest. AND I was so pissed off by Palin's speech, I couldn't even listen to McCain's.

As to the cleaning frenzy--um, are you nearing then last week or so of your cycle. I find that I get a burst of cleaning energy at around that time (and ONLY around that time!)

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