Five Seconds on Good Morning America

Thank goodness my mom called me this morning to tell me I was definitely on Good Morning America and at the very beginning of the show. Otherwise, I might have missed it because I was hitting "snooze" on my alarm clock for about 30 minutes. I'm on towards the end of the clip for like five seconds (if even that long!)


1969 said…
Look at Liz on Prime Time!!!!

Who cares about the comment? It's stupid. Back to the issues....
thailandchani said…
Wow! We were actually able to see you! At least your primary point got through.

David Sullivan said…
Thats great! The only time I ever made it on the news was when I was 9 and a Puerto Rican guy slashed a kid with a machete and I was in the background jumping up and down while they were interviewing the guys kids.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! Whoot whoot!!

You rule!
tamigill said…
Liz, you look so beautiful on camera!! And I love your voice; it's amazing to see someone for so long and you don't think about the fact that you don't know what their voice sounds like. Very nice!
You want to talk about education? I thought you wanted to talk about Depeche Mode.

Good stuff darlin'
Anonymous said…
Of all the days for you not to wear a Depeche Mode t-shirt!!! Your hair looks great girl and you sounded intelligent. I hate when they put the most ghetto talking person they can find on t.v.
Liz Dwyer said…
Hopefully we can get back to the issues. I mean, for real... ENOUGH with the madness.

Yes, thank goodness I knew how to download the clip and put it up because the ABC site didn't have an "embed" feature. And you know I've always got to rep for educational issues. They're on my mind a LOT.

I think this is maybe my 5th time being on TV but never on the national news. Glad you were just jumping and not getting slashed with the machete. Did the slasher go to jail?

You do? LOL, I'm telling you, I almost turned down talking to them because I thought I looked so jacked up. Sigh, LA is getting to me.

That's SO nice of you to say. Thank you! It is pretty interesting to find out what someone looks like/sounds like when you've read them but have never met them. I'd love to find that out for lots of bloggers I read.

I know, right? Can't believe they edited out my wanting to know if Obama and McCain are gonna regulate concert fees so I don't go broke next time Depeche Mode goes on tour. ;)
Liz Dwyer said…
I wish I'd had on a DM shirt! That would have been perfect! And I was trying to keep the ghetto tendencies in check. Whew, success! I have to tell you though, I was holding T's hand and hoping he wouldn't launch into his "hip-hop boy" persona while I was talking. He did have on his baseball cap tilted to the side though.
Jen said…
Actually, I DID get to see you after hopping around the site a little more. You sounded and looked great! And yes, I do think your point made it through.
leila said…
you're gorgeous! and no one can see what you're wearing. i know your haircut is relatively new, but this is how i've always seen you in my mind's eye---even though you had pictures of yourself on your blog last year that i formed this mental image from! LOVE YOUR HAIR. i want it (ESPECIALLY during pregnancy when it's falling out and lying flat against my skull yuk yuk yuk).

you make a great point about a return to the issues: in all of this excitement about what kinds of personalities the candidates and their veeps have, i'd forgotten that we're talking about THE PEOPLE WHO WILL LEAD THIS COUNTRY. like, how will they run it?

it was brought to my attention that, for instance, if palin became the president, based on her current persona of "I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska!", she would be meeting with heads of state, from Russia, from the Middle East. this is all of what we know of her, basically.

and all of the political players seem to be playing this game, being in People magazine and focusing on how "elite", "folksy", "all-American", and "wholesome" they are.

it really is absurd, when you think about the realities that this country, as well as the world, is facing.

God bless.
love from leila
Shiona said…
Great point! You looked great! I wish they would have talked to you and the guy longer.
You go, with your naturally pretty self! Way to tell 'em!
Liz! You were fantastic. Very smart and you looked great.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm glad you found it and I'm glad I got to give a little plug about education. We sure do need some focus and attention paid to it.

You are too kind! I'm relieved most of the t-shirt got cut out! I'm loving my hair as well but it misbehaves sometimes. My hair grew like a week when I was pregnant and the texture totally changed... and then it fell out so I had a widow's peak in front after I had kids. Crazy!

Such a good point that the way she's presenting herself is how heads of state will see her. Not sure if even her hockey credentials will pass muster with Russia now that she's done some saber rattling with them. I guess we shall see.

Yep, they interviewed me for 5-10 minutes and it got edited down a lot. It was interesting to me that they had a guy because when I saw them, they were trying to stop women, not men. And thanks for saying I look great! :)

LOL, thank you! :)

I wish it had been restored... now Oprah's the devil because she won't have Palin on. Craziness.

So nice of you to say so! Thanks! :)
David Sullivan said…
Yeah. The guy lost it cause some kids harrassed his daughter. The kids who got slashed lived, but it didn't do much to dispell the stereotype that all Puerto Ricans have knives.

I was on a TV show when I was four, Romper Room. Read here:
Liz Dwyer said…
A friend of mine from Jamaica once complained that if you're from an island in the Caribbean, folks act like you were born with a machete as a third arm. So then I asked him, "If it annoys you, why do YOU have a machete?" His reply? "Because everybody else does!" Silliness.

Anyway, glad the kids survived. Romper Room? That's old school TV! Can't wait to read about it.
Unknown said…
This is so aside from the point. Your hair looks marvelous!!!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, thank you. The hair has it's moments. When it's good, it's great, but when it's a bad day, it's buckwild bad!
MartiniCocoa said…
also covet the hair.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you! I'm going to tell my husband about all this hair-love since he still doesn't like my hair! ;0
Karen said…
I thought you rocked it. How many people could get a plug in about education in just 2 seconds worth of air time?

And I like your hair. (I'm a little sensitive on the husband/hair front. My hair, my body, my choice, you know?)

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