Techno Twins Bailout

I laugh out loud every time I see the AT & T "Techno Twins" commercial.

I usually hate commercials but this is one that puts a smile on my face every time I see it. And boy am I glad I saw it just now. I'm watching the news and my mouth is hanging open over our government's switch to socialism when it's convenient to business. $85 billion for AIG. Add that to the hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Bear Stearns and, wow, who knew our government had it like that?

How come we're not hearing what politicians like to say when educational issues are discussed: "Throwing money at the problem isn't the answer!"

If you and I need a bailout, if we get our, "Brother can you spare a dime?" going, well, pfft! Too bad for you! Every presidential debate seems to have one of the candidates saying something about how we need to reduce welfare rolls and all that. And we do, but how about we start with corporate welfare? We shouldn't have corporate welfare if we're actually a straight up capitalist, every man for himself nation when it comes to stuff like health care. And you know Uncle Sam ain't helping you pay off your ever-expanding Visa bill. Forget about asking for any kind of bailout with that!

And so thank goodness for the "Techno Twins", Slad and Vider! I'm telling you, they momentarily take a sista's mind off the ridiculous robbery of America that's going on. And thankfully I don't have AT & T cell service because I wouldn't mind hanging in the youth hostel with them due to a missed call.

A little digging turns up that one of the Techno Twins, the guy doing the dancing, is actually a musician named Leo who lives in Brooklyn.

Photo by Diana Luganski

It turns out that Leo does cover tunes of, wait for it... Depeche Mode! See, I KNEW there was a reason I liked these dudes!

Actually, since our government is being so generous, I wonder if there's a way for me to get them to pay for Depeche Mode concert tickets? I would ask Uncle Sam to hook up Leo as well but I figure Leo's getting paid off of that "Techno Twins" commercial. So, federal government, if you're reading, I wanna go to shows in LA, Chicago... and, I don't know, Vegas was really fun last time, but if you could also hook up somewhere in Europe, that would be fabulous. Then I could meet up with my own real-life techno twins and dance with a ribbon to boot!

Either way, I promise, my tickets won't cost $85 billion dollars!


MarĂ­a said…
"I'm watching the news and my mouth is hanging open over our government's switch to socialism when it's convenient to business."

That's exactly what I was thinking when I read it earlier. Funny how our capitalistic society very quickly switches gears when that capitalism isn't quite working out as planned.

All of this does make me think that no matter who is the next president, they'll have a terrible time trying to fix this.
Don't worry Liz. President Palin will figure it all out!
NYC/Carribbean Ragazza - Don't even joke about a President Palin. I'll be begging to stay on your couch in Italy.

Liz every time I see that commercial I think of you since you had that Twitter message.

Obama could at least point out that McCain voted for the bills that his friend and advisor Phil Gramm sponsored that allowed the banks/mortgages/brokers to do business together. It only took 9 years for the ish to hit the fan. FDR must be rolling in his grave.
Toni Campbell said…
maybe you should tell them the tickets are $85 million. they only understand overinflated figures and are more likely to "bail you out" of your depeche mode dilemma!
Anonymous said…
Once again American rewards the rich and tells the working class to SUCK IT UP. Honestly makes me want to cry. Mostly because I currently don't have enough gas in my car to make it home, and AIG gets to keep their skyscraper offices.
Liz Dwyer said…
Immoral Matriarch,
I'm sure Karl Marx is somewhere pumping his fist in the air. I just want to know if I get to be a shareholder of AIG now since this technically is being done with my money!

Yeah, she'll suggest we sell moose hunting futures on Wall Street.

My kids do their best "Techno Twins" imitation when they see the commercial. I'm convinced that if they were older they'd be filming their own version of this and posting it on YouTube.

Yes, Phil Gramm who said we're all whiners about the economy. So sad that we're paying the price while the CEO's get millions and are sitting pretty.

Good idea! I should set up a paypal account so when the feds cruise by my blog they can make a little $85 million donation!
Liz Dwyer said…
I know. I'm making myself laugh by thinking about the Techno Twins but seriously, it makes me angry. It's immoral how the American people are being bilked by these corporate thieves.
Anonymous said…
Yes, how strange that the sacred free market suddenly morphs into state socialism overnight when it abruptly goes belly-up. All at once the politicians have to admit the market can't be relied on. As you say, whatever happened to "throwing money at the problem isn't the answer"?

I also wonder where the hell these umpteen billions for rescue packages are coming from, when the military's already eating up astronomical amounts and a huge chunk of big business is already in hock to China. Funny how there's nothing in the kitty for increased welfare but unlimited amounts to bail out reckless banks and insurance firms.
Liz Dwyer said…
Good question about where the money is coming from. One way or another I think it's coming from the American people. Also, I can't help but think about what's gonna happen if the Chinese call in all the debt they hold. It's a scary prospect!
Invisible Hand said…
So on point.

And let's not forget about all the tax breaks the oil companies already get (while turning record PROFITS).

And as far as commercials... gotta say, there are some funny ones out there. Funnier than the TV comedies they help support (sadly).
Karen said…
Love the ad!

Just goes to show you, people see/hear what they want, and don't even begin to see the hypocrisy of their positions.

Unfortunately, if all those large financial institutions go belly-up at the same time--we all (big and little, rich and poor) may be f*&^%@d--along with our entire economy.
Jen said…
I like that commercial, too. And I think I stayed in that hostel. In several different cities, in fact. ;-)

Um... yeah, socialism for AIG and did you read the Bob Herbert piece in the Times? McCain is going to do WHAT to healthcare????

Scary, scary times.
Liz Dwyer said…
Invisible Hand,
I wonder how all this financial mess can be fixed. It seems like such a big mess for anyone to take on. I think this sort of situation is what's meant by that saying that money is the root of all evil. I agree that the commercials are probably funnier than the shows but I don't watch any sitcom at all. The last one I watched was probably Fresh Prince.

It's true. If they all fail at once then we'd probably experience a melt down of epic proportions. I'm sure it would be even more insane than it is now. The bailout is totally the lesser of two evils.

LOL, so you've met Slad and Vider? Were they fun to party with? :)
I saw that Bob Herbert piece and I just found myself wondering what planet this guy is living on! I mean, treating what employers pay for insurance as income??? No mas, McCain!

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