Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!

It's way after midnight in LA and I just looked at the date, May 9th.

May 9th? Oh my goodness, that means it's Dave Gahan's birthday! WHOO HOO! Another excuse to go Depeche Mode crazy on a Friday!!! Love it!

If you've never been here before, let me bring you up to speed:

1) I'm a huge Depeche Mode fan. How huge? Well... I have a Depeche Mode poster on the inside of my front door. How's that?

2) Dave Gahan is the lead singer of Depeche Mode and today's his birthday! He's 46! Happy Birthday, Dave! (like he's reading this blog, right?)

3) If you don't know who Depeche Mode is, I feel bad for you. Really, really bad.

In honor of one of the best front men in rock, let's take a fun little trip down memory lane. How about a little listen to "Photographic" from their very first album, "Speak and Spell"? It's not their first single but it's the first song DM ever recorded together.

This particular performance of "Photographic" is from when Dave was just 18 years old and Depeche Mode was just starting out on their journey to being the Best. Band. Ever. And in case you're confused, Dave's the very innocent and shy-looking young man with brown hair:

It's sooo cute, it makes my heart melt!

Fast forward 25 years to April 30, 2006. I got to hear them perform "Photographic" at their show in Vegas!!! You can read all about that adventure right here if you want! I was like three rows from the stage going NUTS when they played it and it was a total surprise to hear it because it's not a song that gets played a whole lot. It was cute to see them go back to their pure synthesizer roots.

There is some Vegas footage on YouTube but it's not that great, so instead, here's footage from a show in Berlin. I really like this footage because you can see how much fun Dave is having performing, especially between the 1:16 and 2:29 marks:

Yeah, rock it out, birthday boy! Bright lights! Dark room! Love it!

So in honor of Dave's birthday, I hope you go and do something to celebrate it being such a beautiful day today. You're alive and you've been blessed with another day! Use it wisely!


Jameil said…
hilarity! happy birthday, dave. thanks for making liz so happy! *sidenote: tell me they played some DM at your wedding.*
Liz Dwyer said…
Come to think of it, I don't think ANY got played at the wedding! It was all jazz, then hip-hop and house! My dad's jazz trio played and then my husband got a friend to DJ for free and they'd never even heard of DM. I was like, whatever, they're a good DJ and they're FREE!
Anonymous said…
Hurray for Dave! Hurray for Liz who loves Dave. I personally love anyone who loves anything as much as you love Depeche Mode! :)
the last noel said…
LOL. It's funny how we cling to those wonderful bands of our youth. I've read your posts on DM before. It always makes me smile.
Felicity said…
He still looks good, my personal favourite of Depeche Mode was Personal Jesus.
1969 said…
Happy Mother's Day to you Liz!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Seriously hurray for Dave! The man has been overcome a lot of stuff to be who he is today, and gosh, he has the best voice. I about die every time I hear him sing.

One of the coolest things about Depeche Mode is that they've been around for so long that they're a band from my youth, from my college years, my twenties...and now my thirties! Gosh, we've practically grown up together! ;)

Doesn't he though? Gosh, I think he looks better now than he did back when PJ was a hit. I hope I look that hot at 46!

Thanks, mama! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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