Behold, A Bald-Headed Goat Appears!

What does it mean when twice in one week I've dreamed that I get turned into a goat by a sorceress? And I don't mean G.O.A.T. -- as in LL Cool J's Greatest of all Time, either.

If the goat thing doesn't sound bad enough to you, let me tell you, after my great goat transformation, the sorceress hitches me to her cart and drags me to her lair. She then turns me back into myself and shaves all my hair off my head with her magic razor. Wherever this razor touches your skin, hair will never grow there again. -- Why not be useful and run that thing over my legs? But nooo, it's an evil sorceress so it's the hair on my head.

Then here are several agonizing moments where I'm forced to look in a mirror. Madame le Sorceress cackles and then sets me loose in a forest, telling me that I will never see my true love again because he only desires girls with at least half an inch of hair.

I'm sobbing and running through the forest when suddenly a whole crew of folks emerges from behind trees to throw rocks at me and chant, "You used to be nappy, now ya bald-headed!

Yeah, would you like to dream this craziness twice in one week? You see how it's disturbed me so much that out of all the things I could write about, I'm blogging about being a bald-headed former goat.

See, this is why insomnia really isn't so bad. If I'm not sleeping, I'm not dreaming such completely insane stuff!

Do any of you do dream interpretation? What does my bald-headed goat madness mean?


brotherkomrade said…
um, wow. Was there something eaten or smoked before we slept on the night ofg that dream? ;->
Anonymous said…
Liz, my off-the-cuff guess about the hair is that you're afraid of losing some very important part of yourself, which is represented by your hair (or maybe your hair is it?). Not a clue about the goat unless that just represents having masses of hair, i.e. an abundance of that thing you value. Oh well, you did ask!!
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL! No, not at all. Last night I worked out, took a bath and drank some chamomile tea before going to sleep, nothing at all unhealthy or narcotic related!

The goat is a complete mystery to me, but I am thinking about my hair a lot these days. Still debating what to do with it, so that could play into it.
Jen said…
Um, Liz... just a thought, but maybe you don't want to get your hair cut?

The goat thing does mean something, but I'm not pulling it up right now. Have you tried googling goats and dream interpretation or goats and world mythology?

Ugh, I think I'd prefer insomnia, too.
Liz Dwyer said…
I looked up goats, hair, bald-heads and sorceresses and found myself feeling like the sites had conflicting information and none of it made sense all together! A goat either seemed to mean someone was trying to trick me or else that I'm going to have good fortune.

Part of me really doesn't want to cut my hair but another part of me is excited to chop it off. Although it's interesting how I keep putting it off. Sigh.
Unknown said…
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1969 said…'s my take on it. Your haircut has been on your mind lately. The haircut symbolizes change. A physical transformation and a mental transformation.

You are anxious about taking that next step or making a change that you have been contemplating although you know that deep down, it is the right thing to do.

If none of that rings true, lay off the spicy food before bedtime. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
I did eat spicy food for dinner. Hmm... I forgot about that. But yes, you're right, the haircut has definitely been on my mind for many moons and I am anxious about it. Maybe I'm scared I'm going to come out looking like the goat? Gosh, I'm more vain than I suspected!
Anonymous said…

to me?

The dream is similar to a lot of what you write about in your blog. Someone/something powerful tricked you into becoming something you weren't then the world made fun of you. I assume the sorceress is white - but that would be just an assumption.

Honey, why aren't you writing your novel? I see the reason in this dream. Do you?
Liz Dwyer said…
No... I can't see it! I think I'm standing too close to the wall so I can't see the whole picture.

I never see the sorceresses face. She actually has no exposed skin at all. She's covered with a black veil and had on long black gloves so her hands are not visible. But she smells strongly of Nivea, which is so weird. That fact alone made me think she's black and/or related to me because Nivea is such a staple in my mom's family.

My sister told me she thinks it means I have worries about controlling people and that is very true.

The novel...I was just chatting with a friend last night and he asked the same thing. He says I'm not writing because I have self-esteem issues and lack the confidence to finish. I think he's right.
Anonymous said…
Ok... who turned you into the person you were before you quit being that person to work at home? Grandmother? Mother? School Teacher?

I mean really, what is a goat? Safe, goofy, lovable, soft, non-threatening, non-powerful, but alive and safe. Goats are safe.

I see this: even as the goat you are rejected by the masses. Why not just be your powerful yourself?

To me? that's what this dream means - but it's not my dream

Shoot me an email and I'll explain an easy technique to help you resolve this.
Liz Dwyer said…
Just saw your comment today -- I'll email you later!

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