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You may not have known it, but over the last few months I have been devoting a considerable amount of time to reflecting on my plans for 2008. As you know, there are so many profound considerations that must be taken into account when thinking about the future. Before committing myself to any one definite course of action, I've consulted with my family, my friends, my horoscope, and reflected on the comments left by you, my readership.

Yes, I've talked with people from around the country, surfed the blogosphere, eavesdropped in Starbucks and listened and learned about the challenges faced by every day people in America. Undeniably, you want change on an unprecedented scale. You hunger for a new spirit in this country. You want a leadership that remains unsullied by the influence of money, a leadership that will give you reasonably priced health care, an excellent education and fair cell phone billing practices.

And so it is with a careful consideration that I announce that I won't be filing papers today to create a presidential exploratory committee. My running for president right now just wouldn't be the right decision for my family or for this country.

I know those of you, especially those of you from my home state of Illinois, may be surprised by this decision. I can only encourage you to keep creating meaningful change within your personal sphere of influence. Surely, if we across this country follow your Land of Lincoln example, we can all achieve our vision of ultimate victory.

Please know, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers, your warm wishes and your encouragement. I believe in you.

With warmest regards,

Los Angelista


Mamita Umita said…
LOL! I love it!

How about your campaign slogan?

Dwyer for hire!


Bolden can hold em?

Last November, I faced the difficult decision of not writing myself in for a seat on the Chicago Water Board. I had to make my decision quickly, and ultimately came to the same conclusions you have reached with your Presidential bid.

I applaud your courage and bravery in reaching the conclusion of what I imagine to have been a great deal of soul-searching and reflection.

Do you still have any of the funds raised by the pre-exploratory committee? Would you share them with an almost former write-in candidate for somewhat public office?

I could really use the dough, is all...
Anonymous said…
thank you, this provided exactly the laugh i needed this morning. though, i feel that it should be accompanied by a cozy looking video of you surrounded by your family who i'm sure all support you in this important decision.
Well, I, personally, am very disappointed in your decision, Liz. Our country desperately needs a person of intelligence on Pennsylvania Avenue while we still have a semblance of a country, which seems to be more in doubt every day. And we are more than overdue for a woman in the top spot, but not Hillary, please God. The woman is admittedly smarter than Bush (as is my cat,) but she is evil. (My cat is not.)

I understand the great sacrifice that you and your family would be called upon to make, but beg you to reconsider your decision. Think of your civic duty. Think of the great trips on Air Force One. Think of the ball gowns.

And should you decide to accept this mission, I would like to be the first to interview you (on Air Force One in a ball gown.)
Junk Monkey said…
Looks like I will have to dig out the Howard the Duck for President pin again.
TJ said…
Are you SURE you don't want to reconsider? LOL...
Anonymous said…
Madame President-possibly-if-she-ran-for-the-office your country will never forget the day we lost the opportunity of your service. I shall return to my quiet hovel, patiently awaiting 2012. :)
velvet said…
Oh, no! I'm sad. You would have easily had my vote! If you reconsider, you can count on me.


hmmm, the comment process is being a bit dodgy this evening.
Ms Melancholy said…
Hi again Liz, when you dropped in on my blog I had no idea I was in the presence of an almost would-be presidential candidate. Wait til I tell my friends...

Nice blog, by the way x
Liz Dwyer said…
Well, we could go with, "Leadership that knows how to pronounce "Iran" correctly" as a slogan, but ideas like that might also explain why I don't work in advertising.

Unfortunately, my pre-exploratory committee is under investigation for allegedly spending the fundraised money at Toys-R-Us.

If I consider a bid in 2012, I'l make sure to get my tech skills in order so that I'm able to project a holographic image of myself into your living room.

I can't take all the credit. Crafting this was the last task of my team of writers. Halfway through helping me write this, they realized they were out of jobs. Talk about the smoke of animosity filling a back room...

I am tempted by the prospect of being the first President (Presidentista) to wear a Roberto Cavalli or Armani gown to the Inaugural Ball, but then again, I'm also not so eager to have false stories about me attending a hardcore Islamic school floating through the press.

I think Howard the Duck might be a wee bit too similar to what we have now.

I'm sure I won't run. At least I think I won't. Well, maybe...cause I'd finally have a house, not an apartment, and it'd be big and white with a big green lawn. But no, no. I'm totally sure.

If I do run in 2012, I promise I'll ban all hovel-like dwellings.

It's voters like you that will make all the difference in the next election...especially when electronic voting acts the same way the comment feature does.

Ms. Melancholy,
Welcome to my little home on the web. I'm really just trying to go back to being a private citizen, even if I really could use a permanent police escort to get through LA traffic.
The Counselor said…
As usual, your post has generated some meaningful insight. Although I have not seriously considered running for office, I'm not sure if I have what it takes to answer the questions in a non-practical way.

I mean really...some of those questions...I probably would just have to curse...

Press: "Madame President...what is your plan to balance the national budget"

Me: "Coupons?"

Press: "Do you have a plan for how you intend to handle international affairs?"

Me: "Sh*t yeah!! Infidelity is Punishable by death--whether on U.S. territory or abroad".

I wonder if Pilsbury Cookies would sponsor my campaign?
Anonymous said…
When I got to the punchline I enjoyed the best laugh I've had all week! Maybe you will consider being Obama, or Hillary's running mate?

I decided just last week not to run for president because, sadly, my allergist imformed me that I'm allergic to bullets.
Anonymous said…
Great Post! You are one funny sister :)

If you ever decide to run let me know. Maybe we can do some $ raising for you here in Philly.
the last noel said…
Wow. What a great post!
This is TOO funny!LOL

Sorry to do this here, Liz, but when you have a chance, would you mind emailing me? An editor I write for is interested in contacting you. (don't worry, it's completely legit.:)) I'm at okparenting@yahoo.com

Again, sorry to post that here, I just couldn't find your email on your blog. Thanks! mbj

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