What Do You Wear On a LOOONG International Flight?

I'm at LAX, waiting till it's time to board my plane to Australia. I've slept four hours in the past 72 so I'm entertaining myself with some lowest common denominator activities: eavesdropping and checking out what folks are wearing.

I won't sully your Tuesday night with the nefarious cheating anecdotes being passed back and forth by the lady on my right. Let's get straight to the outfits.

Young men: A white tee, shorts, socks, and some sort of slip on sandals. And a hat on backwards. They have no swag.

Young women: I'm seeing a LOT of yoga pants and see-through, skin tight leggings.  Flip flops or sky-high heels are equally represented. I hope they know their feet are gonna swell up after they've been on that plane for 20 minutes.

Moms: Neck pillows and mom jeans. Hmm... I have on jeans. I wonder if my jeans qualify as mom jeans. Also, the moms look harried, like they're ready to dose all their kids with some Benadryl.

Dads: College tees or polo shirts and khakis. The dads look psyched!

Grannies: Muumuus and geriatric shoes. Although wait a minute, one just walked by in LUCITE HEELS.

Grandpas: Same as the dads, except their pants seem to be hiked up to mid chest.

Business Dudes: Boring business casual--everything is very bland. The might as well blend into the rug or disappear into their rolling laptop bags. Do I see someone taking off his wedding ring? Tsk tsk.

Business Laydees: Black pants or pencil skirts, shirts with collars, and sensible heels. And the Harvard Business Review--which is what homegirl next to me has to read although she was also gushing about how awesome that 50 Shades of Gray book is. Whatever. I'm still mad that that heffa stands to make $20 MILLION off of that crap.

As for the rest of me aside from the mom jeans? Clearly, I'm wearing every traveler's best fashion accessory: the CAN I GET ON THE DANG PLANE AND GO TO SLEEP? look.
See y'all, God willing, on the other side of the Pacific!


It times past on international flights they offered booze for free. I hardly remember my flight from SFO to Paris....all hail the Hennessy.
Liz Dwyer said…
I think they had free wine on my flight. I'm not a drinker but I bought these NyQuil sleeping pills just in case I couldn't doze off...but I was too afraid to take 'em!

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