Australian Adventures: Ahem, You Can Buy Kangaroo Scrotum Here

Today I went out in search of boomerangs for my sons and while in a little souvenir shop I discovered that you can buy back scratchers made out of kangaroo feet...which is pretty gross if you ask me. And then my eyes traveled to the left and my mind said, "Oh, a kangaroo pouch. What's that?"

You'll be thrilled to learn that these little pouches are made out of "genuine kangaroo scrotum". Yep, just what your friends back home have always wanted: a little bag made out of a male kangaroo nutsack. Apparently they're supposed to bring good luck. At least that's what the guy in the store told me.

I was so disturbed that I had to go here
and fork over WAY too much money for a chai. I needed something to temporarily wash away the image of poor kangaroos being chopped to bits and sold in tourist shops. We have a whole lot of crazy train in the United States but selling dead animal scrotum good luck bags? No ma'am.


D said…
But... aren't tons of animals chopped to bits and sold in all kinds of stores in America too?

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