Will I Be A Bedbug's Late Night Snack?

Greetings from the bedbug epicenter of the United States, New York City!

And when I say epicenter, I do mean epicenter. Bedbug infestations in NYC have reached an "epidemic scale". Bill Clinton's offices up in Harlem have been infested. A Victoria's Secret store had to shut down temporarily due to infestation. The Empire State Building had them, and the busiest movie theater in the country, Times Square's AMC 25, had an infestation too. Imagine going to the movies and you get bitten by a little blood sucking bug!

Next, imagine you're me and you're visiting NYC and you have to stay in a hotel room in the Bedbug Capital of America... are you imagining that? Good, because now you know why I can't sleep.

I've been freaked out about bedbugs ever since last year when I started hearing the horror stories about infestations in New York. It doesn't matter if this is a four star hotel and the room is gorgeous, clean and comfortable. It doesn't matter if there were no reports of bedbugs on the Bedbug Registry site (yes, there is a registry), there's still the chance that bedbugs could be here. That's why I haven't unpacked a single thing and my suitcase is in the bathroom.

I'm exhausted. I have to be up early in the morning but I'm afraid to get in the bed. What if get bitten? What if the bugs hitch a ride back home to Los Angeles and set up shop in my apartment?

The bugs are pretty much impossible to get rid of, so I'm begging them. Skip me! I'm not a tasty morsel and you won't enjoy biting me!


nick said…
Hey, I thought you were taking the miracle repellent, eucalyptus oil? Mind you, I'm not sure what you do with it - smear it on the bed linen, smear it on yourself? Anyhow I hope you don't find any bugs.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'd planned to pick some up but in the two days before departure, I was so crazy busy & had no idea where to pick some up. So far so good tho. I didn't wake up this morning with any bites on me! Whew!
Laura said…
Hi Liz -
I share your fear. I live in one of the top 3 cities for bed bugs in the country. Makes me itchy just thinking about it. You can check under the mattress for the bugs "leavings" - I was told there will be black specks there. Hopefully you will be safe and clean!
Sarah Auerswald said…
My fingers are crossed for you!!
K. Rock said…
*screaming* That picture is nasty! Eww bugs! There has to be some kind of repellent you can put on. If not, try sleeping in the bathtub. lol!

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