Headed To The Happiest Place On Earth

Yes, I'm about to go to Disneyland!!!

I seriously need some time there because I'm worn out from cross country adventures to and from New York City. What a busy trip - and I plan to write more about some of the surprises there (tornadoes!) and a serendipitous connection with a friend I fell out of touch with.

In the meantime, one of the things I did while I was there was sit on a panel for the Foundation Center and beforehand, I did a flipcam chat with the Philanthropy News Digest where I talk about my role with the Pepsi Refresh Project and a few thoughts on public education. I look like a half-dead zombie but for those of you who wonder what I do for a day job, this'll give you some insight!

Have a great day! I'll kiss Mickey Mouse for you!


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