Saturday Night Randomness With Los Angelista

It's Saturday night and I...

a) Believe in wearing clothes out in public
b) Can't dance in five inch heels
c) Am so tired. And I'm old. And feeling wrinkly. And like there are some massive bags under my eyes. And my eyebrows need waxing.

So that means I'm not out prowling Hollywood Boulevard - which means I'll torture you with what's on my mind...

1) Four Miles Down, 22.2 To Go: This week's training run was a quick four miler - which my pace group accomplished in 50:59 for an average pace of 12:43. My knee felt alright during it but I came home and iced it with a bag of frozen veggies just in case. After spying the frozen veggie bag against my knee, my youngest took to calling me "pea knee". Who said creativity in children is dead? Clearly, that person never met my sons.

2) Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child. I don't spank my kids. I don't slap them. I don't throw vacuum cleaner parts at them. I don't tell them to go get an extension cord or belt. You'd think they'd be happy to not get beaten, but my eldest keeps pointing out the "spare the rod" quotation and the other day he said, "C'mon, spank us! We promise we won't cry." Then he and his brother broke down into peals of maniacal laughter. Uh huh.

3) Will T.I. & Tiny's Kids Get Taken Away? He's a convicted felon. They both just got arrested here in Los Angeles for drug possession. T.I. might go back to prison for violating his parole. But if Tiny says the drugs are hers and hers alone, will their kids get placed into protective custody?

4) Dear Mad Men ...Where The Eff Are The Black Folks? I have watched every single episode of this show since season one and I'm sick of the only black folks around being Carla the maid and the random elevator operator. I want Don Draper to find himself a black woman, fall totally in love, have some biracial babies and... that would be the show's ratings going in the toilet. But seriously, the whiteout blizzard on this show is starting to look even worse than Friends and Seinfeld's.

5) P90 DVDS Where Art Thou? My friend burned her set for me... and now they've disappeared somewhere in my house. I want to try to start doing them. I should do them every day for 90 days and then post a picture on Twitter of myself in a bikini, just like Demi Moore. And Lisa Rinna. But for real, do you know anybody who's tried them and LIKES them?

OK, and with that, I need to go to bed. I'm so tired I just fell asleep at my desk sitting straight up in my chair. Hope you're having a fab holiday weekend!


Jen said…
I think your kids are hysterical. AND it's clear they know they're well-loved and safe.

My son sasses me, too, but also knows limits, which I'm sure yours do as well. I like boys who are allowed to be loud, happy, outrageous... BOYS. It's a good thing. ;-)

I hate Mad Men - for a whole variety of reasons.

Hope your knee feels better. Be careful with it.

My wild Saturday night was spent cooking dinner for C and some of his buds, watching Colbert Report and Daily Show wish C and D after C got home from roaming the woods with said friends and reading. ;-)
nick said…
Children demanding to be spanked? Goodness me! They'll be wanting their eyebrows waxed next....
Tracy said…
Naturi Naughton has been cast on the show. I don't know how many episodes she'll be on or what kind of role she'll have, but she's young and attractive, so hopefully she won't be playing the help.
Jameil said…
I stopped watching Cougar Town b/c those characters could ALL be played by a black person or any non-white and instead they willfully chose to white cast it. I found it only marginally funny anyway so I found no reason to continue watching and maybe like it. I have 0 desire to P90X myself. You have fun with that.
Liz Dwyer said…
Slow down with that Saturday nite wildness! Don't set the town on fire! ;) The boys are well loved, that's for sure... One time they were being naughty so I told them I'm going to turn into one of the spanking kinds of moms and they cheered. Well loved with issues, clearly!

Well, my eldest told me he's gonna wax his chest when he grows up because the chest hairs look, "manly but uncomfortable."

Eww, Naturi Naughton? Isn't she the one who just had the sleazy song out about one night stands and the chorus was "it was the best sex I ever had"? - yeah, not excited about that one.

C'mon, you know you wanna buy a pullup bar. Due to my jacked up knee I now have six pounds to get rid of. OK, maybe 10. Sigh.

I never watched Cougar Town before. Is it still on? I agree tho, storylines aren't tied to skin color on these shows so why not cast a diverse group of people in the main roles?

Why do you hate Mad Men?
Tracy said…
I think that was one of the other girls from 3LW.

And I'm ashamed that I know anything about 3LW.
Liz Dwyer said…
HA! I could NOT remember the name of that group. Is she the one who got kicked out? (I should just look it up!)

Jen & Jameil
OOPS, Jen, I meant to ask you why you hate Mad Men, not Jameil. :)

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