13 Items Of Friday Randomness With Los Angelista

It's waaay past my bedtime and I'm supposed to be in Santa Monica by 7:05 a.m. tomorrow morning to run six miles. I am not amused by my insomnia. Here's what's firing up my synapses:

1) My Kids Are STILL Up: I can't sleep. They can't sleep either. The first day of school on Monday is gonna be a disaster. They're used to staying up super late due to summer vacation - and now vacation is ovah. But they're so cute... they're both in the top bunk of their bunk beds and Mr. O is reading Mr. T a bedtime story. He's reading The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales to him. They're having a VERY good time together. I love them.

2) Speaking Of The 1st Day of School: We went to an orientation at the boy's new school and Mr. T found out that his new second grade teacher is a guy. He's not especially excited since, "I've never had a boy teacher. Boy teachers are mean." I looked up Mr. O's fourth grade teacher on that LA Times value added evaluation search engine and, gulp, she's rated as less effective. I'm wondering if/how to bring it up, or if she'll proactively bring it up - you know, will she say, "I'm sure some of you parents saw that LA Times study and I want you to know... blah blah blah." I'll keep you posted on what transpires.

3) MTV VMA Awards: I'm finding it hard to care about this weekend's VMA's. Is that a sign I'm old?

4) Get Off Twitter And Get A Life: I've been using Twitter for over three years now and no joke, some folks on there need to disconnect for awhile. There are people who spend their WHOLE day and night on Twitter. Seriously, we don't need to know EVERY single thing you do or every snarky comment you wanna make about somebody else.

We also don't need to read your tweet stream where you decide to go over the top and personally attack somebody because you think they came at you wrong. Plus, half of those smack talkers... I bet they wouldn't say all that mess to somebody's face. I also get bored with people who act like they're the authority on race/gender/sexuality/equality/politics. Yawn. And, to up the barf factor, someone I follow actually tweeted today that he was tweeting while on the toilet and he was ahem... constipated. Talk about an INSTANT unfollow!

6) The 99 Percent: Twitter CAN be a good thing. For example, my insanely talented and dear friend Leili posted some fab-o-la links this week One was to a site called the 99 Percent. I'm now totally obsessed with it.
"At 99%, Behance's think tank, we focus on what happens after inspiration—researching the forces that truly push ideas forward. Our profiles of proven idea makers, action-oriented tips, best-practices sessions, and annual conference are all designed to help you transform ideas from vision to reality."

I particularly appreciate this piece that Leili shared on "The 99 Excuses For Not Making It Happen". That should be a must-read for me every day.

7) Hard Drive Failure: Yep, happened again. Laptops certainly aren't built to last these days, and this week it's been MAJORLY difficult to get as much finished as I'd like.

8) Bedbug Mania: I'm going to be in New York City next week and I am FREAKED over the bedbugs. I checked my hotel on the Bed Bug Registry - and thank goodness it's not listed, but that's no slam dunk that my room (and bed) will be bug free. I'm already itching.

9) Pastor Terry Makes The Other Bigots Feel Better:: I'm glad the media's come to the conclusion that Pastor "I will burn the Quran" Terry is a total psycho, but what I find especially disturbing is that he's the sort of guy that your average bigot can look at and say, "See, I'm not a bigot. I'm not THAT guy".

11) Tomorrow's September 11th: I wish I was commemorating the anniversary in a more meaningful way than I am. Running, going to the dentist and then doing back-to-school errands feels so inadequate. It feels like there's so much hate coursing through America's veins right now. It feels poisonous, like we're imploding due to our own excessive individualism and materialism. Everybody wants to be on the Founding Father's jock, but I bet all of them, especially Thomas Jefferson, would have big WTF looks on their faces if they saw this country right now.

12) Six Miles In The Morning: Last week we did four. This week it's six. Ugh. I'm not in the mood! Or rather, my knee isn't. I've iced it a lot tonight so hopefully, I'll be alright.

13) I'm Going To Bed: Thank you for reading. I'm glad I got some of the things I'm thinking about off my chest. Now maybe I'll actually be able to relax and go to dreamland.


Jen said…
Checked out 99 percent. It completely rocks.

I've felt at a loss today, too, in terms of commemoration, writing, whatever.

How can you possibly put it in words?
Val said…
"I'm finding it hard to care about this weekend's VMA's. Is that a sign I'm old?"

No, it's a sign that you like quality programming.
Liz Dwyer said…
Doesn't that site rock? I love it.

I found myself thinking that for my grandparents, the bombing of Pearl Harbor probably felt the same way... and yet I don't even notice when that date comes around. Will my grandkids be the same way?

Haha! Thank you for helping me not, feel like a granny! ;)
nick said…
Seems to me that getting on with your daily life is exactly the right thing to do on the anniversary of 9/11. It shows that a crazed attack by a bunch of fanatics is not going to stop America in its tracks.

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