Did Pastor Terry's Momma Drop Him On His Head?

I've been so busy the past few days that it wasn't till today that I read the story of this fool down in Florida who plans to burn 100 copies of the Quran on September 11th.

Indeed, Gainesville, Florida's very own Pastor Terry Jones says that, "Our burning of the Quran is to call attention to the fact that something is wrong."

Yeah, Pastor Terry, it's calling attention to something wrong, and that something would be YOU!

It's calling attention to the hate in your heart.

It's calling attention to the fact that you're willing to stoop down in the gutter and use the divinity of Jesus to justify your spiritual and social corruptness.

It's calling attention to the possibility that your momma probably dropped you on the head as a baby!

Seriously, what a hateful idiot - not to mention, who still burns books? This man's acting like he's stuck back in the 17th century. Get a clue, Pastor Terry. There's a such thing as the Internet - you can read the entire Quran on it FOR FREE! No paper text required!

Besides, if Pastor Terry actually picked up the Quran and read it for himself, he'd see that nowhere does that holy text direct people to get airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or a field in Pennsylvania. The insane, hateful actions of terrorists do not reflect the true beauty that is Islam...Just like the crazy rantings of people like Pastor Terry don't reflect the true beauty and spirit of Christianity.

I'm starting to wonder if Pastor Terry's even read the Bible lately because I don't think that holy book advocates burning other holy books. Did Jesus pray and fast for forty days and then come out of the wilderness and say, "Teach a lesson to those people whose faith differs from your own! Burn their books!"???

What's really sad is that somebody who might possibly have mental problems can get on the front page of MSNBC and be front and center on the evening news - all by saying crazy things like he's gonna burn 100 copies of the Quran.

I'd rather read stories of interfaith unity - people of diverse religious backgrounds coming together to solve the social problems of the 21st century. I'd rather know about the people who recognize the oneness of religion and can see that the Golden Rule is found in every major world faith.

Every Christian should rise up and speak out against this madness. Any tolerance for this insanity and hatefulness disrespects the message of love that Christ brought the world.

In the meantime, somebody needs to take Pastor Terry to therapy. Help him heal his bitter, broken, spiteful heart. Pray for him... and if he moves forward with his burning plans, maybe he'll do us all a favor, trip on his self-righteous, hateful ego and fall on that bonfire.


Jen said…
Here you CAN read about an interfaith response to religious intolerance:


It's a nice change. And I agree - definitely dropped on the head.
nick said…
It's just a pathetic egotistical publicity stunt, unfortunately with possibly catastrophic consequences. Does he really think burning a few copies of the Koran is going to reduce the influence of Islam? He would do better showing us the positive effects of Christianity than showing us his hatred for anything he doesn't understand.
Cynthia said…
The man is an idiot, and I hate that he is getting so much publicity. Yesterday he was a pastor at a small church, today he is a nationwide spiritual vigilante spewing religious/political propaganda. I see no god and no spiritualism in his actions. I hope this church does not grow beyond its 50 some odd members because if it does then we are doomed. Imagine if more people thought and acted like him. Why did I wake up to watch GMA and find this guy all over it? He got more play than the disaster in San Bruno. I wish the media would stop playing devil’s advocate to his rants. Sorry just wanted to spew my anger. Thanks for the venue.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you SO much for sharing that link. I'm so glad to read about people coming together. We need those models of unity in the spotlight!

I totally agree. I think he doesn't fully understand the positive effects/message of Christianity.

Glad to provide the venue. I am so disappointed in the media coverage of him. It's like the big news channels wanted a story and controversy and so they covered him. Would they cover the crazy people in Times Square? Now I wonder!

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