Squeakquel Spring Break - Movie Review & Giveaway

It's spring break. That means I'm letting my kids stay up late and watch lots of fun movies.

You know what I realized tonight after having to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 "The Squeakquel" for the second time in the past three days? I may think the chipmunks are a little cheesy, but I'm not the target audience and my sons really like them.

I'm also not a bad mom because I'm letting my boys watch a movie they like more than once in the same week. Over and over again on repeat if they want. Because it's spring break. Dear PR people, thank you for sending me a copy to review because you're helping occupy my family with fun during spring break.

In all seriousness, I'm cool letting my boys watch the Squeakquel, especially since there's no blood, gore or violence. No rump shaking - oh, wait, I take that back because the girl group the Chipettes have a hilarious renditions of Beyonce's "Single Ladies". But don't listen to me, here's what my boys say:

Mr. O, age 9: "I thought it was pretty fun since the guy chipmunks have a competition with the girl chipmunks. There was a lot more music and it was pretty amazing and funny." He gives it three stars.

Mr. T, age 6: "It was good. I wish it had them skateboarding. That would've been really cool." He also gives it three stars - and yes, he's obsessed with skateboarding. He's six and he has three skateboards.

Anyway, to make it sort of educational, how about some Squeakquel coloring sheets? You can print those out and make your kids color them if that will make you feel better about them having more TV screen time than is recommended by your pediatrician. Don't think coloring is educational? Sigh, I'll pray for you.

Oh, wait, you haven't seen the FIRST Alvin and the Chipmunks movie yet? Want to win a copy of it?

Here's how you enter:
  • You must live in the United States
  • Leave a comment and a working contact email by 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday, April 1, 2010! Please also leave a name. If you are anonymous and I can't tell who you are, your comment entry will be disqualified.
  • For additional giveaway rules and legal disclaimers, please click here.
Want Additional Entries?
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ONE winner will be randomly selected. I'll contact the winner and if there's no response within 48 hours, I'll pick another winner. Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner is CASEY!!! Congratulations! :) Thanks to everyone that entered!


Jameil said…
Ooooh! I love giveaways! Sign me up!
Casey said…
The Squeaquel was the first movie we took James to see at the theater. He saw the first one at his cousin's house and LOVED it!
P.S. It's Casey, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
mosaicmama said…
the 1st chipmunk movie is one of the few movies i went to see with my son and hubby. movies was their thing. i was prego so i left for lots of pee breaks!

amancia at gmail dot com
mosaicmama said…
i am a fan on facebook as newdawnnewday

amancia at gmail dot com
Brittany said…
My son just asked for this movie yesterday! We haven't seen it but my kids really liked the first one.
Thanks, Brittany Chambers jb10cham@yahoo.com
Brittany said…
I'm a facebook fan, Brittany Chambers
Dena said…
here's 2 of 2 entries!! yay! when i was little i used to love alvin & the chipmunks :)

bermann.dena at gmail dot com
Dr. Sethi said…
Hey, Thanks for this review. I am skeptical ... am averse to the kids consuming much media, so even tho A wants to see this, I have resisted. Now, if we win a copy, he wins, and I give in.
Mocha Dad said…
My kids love this movie. I'm entering on their behalf.
Daphne said…
T. says it's a really good movie (age 6) and K. says I like the Chipettes' song, meaning "Single Ladies" (age 3, and singing the song right now).
Me said…
Cool! I hope I win. Thanks!
Me said…
I'm a fan on Facebook (Mye Kaew).
I would absolutely love, love, love to win this for the kids and I. They have been repeatedly telling me how much the love that movie and wish I could get it for them. This would really help me out tremendously!!!

We have yet to see this movie by the way. We still love the first one though.

thanks so much and if I don't leave a comment before Sunday - Happy Easter to you all and hears hoping you all have a wonderful day filled with family fun!

74 barb @ gmail dot com
Eunice said…
We already have this (and love it!) but I'd love to win this to give it to my son's friend whose mom took him and my son to their first movie in a theatre!


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