How To Have A Freak Out Four Days Before The LA Marathon

I am having a FREAK OUT!

It's four days before the LA Marathon so I've decided today's the day I'm allowing myself a bit of pre-race hyperventilating.

Yes, anxiety is now my middle name, and my mental list of race day "what ifs" just keeps growing and growing. I'll give you my very real concerns about Sunday.

1) My Left Knee Hurts. It's been hurting for three weeks - sometimes a dull pain, sometimes aagh, a bit more painful. It doesn't hurt when I run on it. Well, at least not too much. Sigh. Why, why, why? How come it couldn't wait till AFTER the marathon to start this up? Cue the chorus:

Let's sing to my knee together: "I bought you drinks, I bought you flowers, I read you books and talked for hours, every day so many drinks, such pretty flowers, So tell me what have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?"

I hope it doesn't act up too much on race day and sideline me at mile 13. I know I'm half Irish and it's St. Patrick's Day, but I don't need THAT kind of luck, mmkay?

2) Warm Weather. I don't like running in ovens. The forecast for Sunday is mid 70's. Yes, we're running toward the Pacific Ocean but still, I'd like it to be cooler. Like mid 60's instead.

You see, those are real concerns, right? Now let's move on to the totally insane stuff on my list.

Exhibit A of Insanity: Yesterday we had a 4.4 earthquake, so at some point last night I actually said to myself, "What if The Big One hits while I'm running on Sunday?"

Exhibit B: I've been training since August but I have f-e-a-r and worries that I won't be able to finish. It's totally irrational. This isn't my first marathon. But I worry I'm going to be the LAST finisher.

Yes, I may be experiencing...


I did that in green lettering so you won't pinch me.

Dear reader, reassure me that an earthquake won't strike, tell me my knee won't collapse, and convince me this is going to be a better race than the travesty that was the Pasadena Marathon.

Whew, I feel better now that I got all that off my chest. I promise that's the LAST of my freak outs. I have it all out there and now I can move forward! (Right?)


Tafari said…
Good luck on the marathon boo! Mind over matter!!!!

BTW, What Have I Done To Deserve This is my Jam!
Nerd Girl said…
Dear Liz - the big one will not occur on Saturday, your knee will cooperate, the LAM will be a better race than was Pasadena and you will definitely not finish last!

Run strong! I'll be cheering you on....from my couch in MS :)

Have a good race!
Dad said…

You will make it! It's only a marathon, and you get to walk a bit every so often, right?
Besides, aren't you the mother of two children? Compared to childbirth, your knee will be sweet.

Love, Dad
Cynthia said…
Don't worry, if that same Giant penis from your last marathon races again it's likely he will be the last person to finish. You know what they say about hot weather and sweatin your...uh never mind. All jokes aside from what I can see is that you are an avid marathon runner you have done this before you can do it again this time only better because now your a pro and you should be able to hand all elemants. Wishing you an enjoyable rewarding race.
Jameil said…
You're gonna have a wonderful marathon! Third time's the charm! :)
Every time I shower, I worry that The Big One will hit while I have globs of shampoo on my head and of course, no clothes on, so I am probably not the best person to reassure you.

But I think you're amazing to run three marathons in such a short time.
nick said…
I bet every athlete in the world has a pile of similar anxieties before the big race. It'll be fine, you'll make it to the finish, and then you'll wonder what you were worrying about.
Marlo said…
May the knee feel good, the temperature be mild, and the earth not shake under your feet.

Have a great race!
Marcela said…
I wish you the best race so far!!!!
Abigail said…
Hey girl--Your knee will be fine, and if it isn't you'll slow down. And maybe this isn't comforting to you, but when I was stressing about my bum left knee and Chicago, I remembered this: Someone has to be last, right? And they give that last person a medal too, and someone hands that guy a water and says "great job!", and then s/he can go home and post, "I just finished a marathon, what WHAT?" on Facebook. I'm not saying that you'll be last, but even if you are you'll be way ahead of everyone who didn't run a marathon, you know? Hugs!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks, hon! That song was my jam in high school. It still is. I think after Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys are the most remixed artists in history.

Nerd Girl,
Haha! That couch in MS will surely sound pretty comfy post-race. Thanks for the convictions that none of that is going to happen!

But with childbirth I didn't have to be outside on ASPHALT in 80 degree weather. :)

I wonder if someone will wear one of those suits again this year! I'm getting really excited about it all. It's going to be fine. (I hope!)

1st Day of Spring and Baha'i New Year too, so I'm sure to have good luck at the race!

I worry about that, too! And that'll it hit while I'm in the carpool lane on the 110 FWY. Thanks for thinking I'm amazing. I guess because I spend so much time talking to marathon runners I forget that not everyone does this. ;)

I've been reading up on some of the strategies people use to keep themselves calm and together mentally - and really, so much of the race is mental. Been doing a lot of visualizng myself running the last three miles to the finish.

Thank you! The knee will be iced and I'm drinking lots of cherry juice to help my joints!

Thank you! I think it's going to be the best so far, too.

Aww, THANK YOU for saying that! You're SO right!

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