Grateful to Have So Many Candles

Whew, I will definitely be up in the gym tomorrow working off the huge slice of carrot cake I just ate. It was SO good though.

And I'll tell you about my fun afternoon tomorrow as well because guess what? Madame Insomniac is going to bed!


Jen said…
I'm glad the day ended up a lot better off than it started! Again - Happy Birthday!
Mmmm, carrot cake. Is there any left?

So happy you had a great day, Birthday Girl!
the joy said…
Happy birthday!!
Jameil said…
cute cake!! happy birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! Sending you happy (and sleepy:) thoughts from Portland.
DJ Black Adam said…
Happy Birthday Liz! I'll e-mail you some house music tracks as a gift!
Liz Dwyer said…
It did end much better than it started, thank goodness! And I got a nice long night of sleep, which is always a welcome surprise!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. There's a whole lot of carrot cake left! I'd probably have to jog for two days to burn off the calories of what I've eaten so far! But it's SO good. ;)

The Joy,
Thank you! It was a great day.

Thanks, Jameil! I eat carrot cake every single year for my birthday. My mom used to make a homemade one with homemade cream cheese frosting and even though nothing's as good as homemade, this is definitely a tradition that's stuck.

Thank you for the warm wishes! Today has been a sleepy day hasn't it? And I'm watching The Goonies right now and thinking how pretty Astoria, Oregon is! :)
Liz Dwyer said…
How are you? Did you have a good Christmas? Thanks for the birthday wishes and wow, some music would be amazing!
Lydia said…
Happy Belated Birthday Liz!! I knew you were a Capricorn. So am I. AND my favorite birthday cake is Carrot Cake. My mom's is amazing!

I hope you had a beautiful, wonderful, birthday! and a spectacular New Years.

peace and blessings
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry I missed saying this on your special day...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL! I am SO stereotypical Capricorn, aren't I? How neat that you are as well (when's your birthday?) and that your favorite is carrot cake as well. Great minds think alike!

And I hope New Year's is just as fun as my birthday. My sons are already ready to party! They just asked if we're putting up decorations. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
The well wishes are appreciated whenever they come!

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