Hanging Out With Well-Read, Beautiful People

Since I'm out in Indiana, maybe I should be putting up the picture of me hanging out in a cornfield, but instead, here's me and my more lovely accomplice, my mom.

My mom is one of the most avid readers I know and has one of the best collections of books I've ever had the privilege of seeing. So, it's natural that we'd go and hang out in a bookstore, especially one where I can simultaneously acquire crack a soy chai with a shot of sugar free vanilla. She's also very beautiful so, I'm telling you, I had to beat the guys off of her!

Today we're taking a day-trip to a place called Amish Acres. It's a 125 year old Amish homestead. I can't think of anyplace more different than Los Angeles, so I'm really excited. We even get to go on a covered wagon ride! Clearly, it doesn't take much to get me excited, huh?

Anyway, I hope you are also spending your last day of August with well-read, beautiful people.


Anonymous said…
OMG you are in Indiana...Nappanee IN here comes Liz from L.A.!! Actually the first time I was in Amish country I visited a Antique store and purchased an authentic over 100yard Ghanian hand woven kente cloth! So you never know what treasures you may find...Welcome to Indy!
Anonymous said…
Oh..and you and your mom are so beautiful! Hurray Hurray for beautiful African American Women!!!
1969 said…
Just wanted to say that you and your mom are gorgeous. Enjoy that quality time.
Mamita Umita said…
So nice to see a picture of you and your mom smiling! She still looks as beautiful as ever, and so do you!
Sundry said…
Have a great time! You're making me homesick. I pass through Nappanee every time I'm visiting and go from where I grew up to my brother's house in Elkhart. Hope you have a chance to drive some of the side roads while you're there to see some real Amish farms!
Jon said…
You are soooo addicted to Starbucks! Cool deal that you get to hang w/Mom for awhile. Have fun!
M said…
You're both just lovely!
Ian Lidster said…
You and your Mom are both gorgeous. Thank you for sharing that. Now I can place a face with your terrific writing.
Lydia said…
Books, Starbucks and well-read people! For now, I will live vicariously through you! ENJOY!
You and your mom are both seriously gorgeous! My daughter and I go to bookstores and do soy chai lattes together, too. There is nothing better.

You're right -- Amish country is as far from L.A. as you can get and still be in the US. Enjoy every moment of your visit and get back safely.
Anonymous said…
I don't know about you but I definitely enjoy my time with my mother more as we both grow older. She is visiting this weekend and we will probably hit Ireland's only Borders tomorrow.
tamigill said…
Oh, Liz, your mom is stunning. You and your mom have the exact same pretty face. What beauties you two are! That's so refreshing to see the two of you at a bookstore together. I hope that my daughter will enjoy reading as much as I do so that she and I can share the same joy when she becomes an adult. Have a great weekend, beautiful lady!
Liz Dwyer said…
We didn't get to too many antique stores as we were too busy being chased by chickens, but I'll go back again and check out the antique stores for sure. And you are too nice...I don't know about me, but my mom is definitely lovely.

Thanks so much. :) I am definitely enjoying the time out here. Today we're tackling a Notre Dame football game together. Go Irish!!! LOL!

She gets better with age. I'm just a wanna be tryin' to keep up!

We drove around on a few of the roads and I did see them out riding their bikes and driving the buggies. It was so super cool. Just a completely different way of looking at life. Gosh, do we need all the stuff we think we need?

I've toned it down so much though! I limit myself to only one chai a week now. But I think about them all the time. I am an addict, aren't I? And it's great to hang with my mom. I need to get her to come to California though. She's never been.

Thank you! That's very sweet!

Thanks! My dad said when he saw my mom he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world and he instantly knew he wanted to marry her. I tend to agree with him. And, thanks for saying my writing is terrific. ;)

Seriously, those three things are the best combination ever, aren't they?

Why, thank you! Hmm..I'm going to tell my mom how everyone thinks she's lovely. She was a little mortified that I put her picture up. I think she'd rather I took a picture of the chai and posted that.

Amish country...I think LA folks would have nervous breakdowns after an hour of no cell phones. Even a teeny dose of their lifestyle would make the average Angeleno so much less stressed out.

Only one Border's in Ireland? Are there a lot of independent bookstores? I've always wanted to go to Ireland and see where my father's family came from. One of these days. And I agree with you about the time with my mom. I'm so aware these days that time doesn't stop.

Thank you! My mom was talking about how much we look alike in that picture. I'm glad she has such good genes! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy reading too. My mom always made reading enjoyable. It was never a chore. It makes me wish I had a little girl so when she grows up, we can hang out in bookstores too. But, I've already got my boys hooked on going to them. They want to go to the bookstore all the time.
You both look gorgeous! Enjoy the covered wagon ride. I'm like you. Doing anything unique and different gets me excited, no matter how simple it is.
Kari Carlson said…
hey! i went to an amish store today. i'm on the north shore of lake superior in minnesota. there's not really an amish community per se. just one family with 14 kids.

there's a poster of one of their older sons near the counter. it features pictures of him with a young woman and a headline that reads "dru is courting." i still can't imagine exactly why parents would advertise that so publicly. i have a few ideas, though:

1. they're proud.
2. to tell all the young ladies and families that he's taken.

but, what i saw as we were paying for our dry goods is that it opened up a lot of conversation for all the customers and allowed for the customers to get to know more about this very friendly family.
Anonymous said…
Crack. Hee hee.

Also, tell us how Amish Acres goes -- I'd LOVE to do that someday.
We have an Amish market about three miles from here. Easy for them to bring their stuff down from Pa. to suburban DC (though they drive Ford pickp and not mule carts...and the women are wearing flip flops from Rack Room Shoes, but that's another story). When my wife is away, I roll i there and buy a shoe fly pie and an entire coconut walnut layer cake from Mr. Yoder and Mrs. Beiler. I hide them both either in the back of the fridge or the brad basket so my wife doesn't find them. Unfortunately, she's become the food Gestapo to my Ann Frank and has threatened to trash my Amish goodies. No worries. Mr. Yoder and Mrs Beiler have my back. They sell the pies and cakes in half sizes that are easier to hide.

Have a great labor day.

PS I didn't know there were Amish in Indiana. Ohio, maybe, plus some Mennonites. I thought the only hayseeds were Larry Birds' folks?
Liz Dwyer said…
Turns out the covered wagon is pulled by an old school tractor instead of a horse, but it was still fun. The ride went way out in the woods and we got to see maple trees that have had sap taken out for maple syrup. It was pretty neat.

Whew, 14 kids! That's a whole lot of kids! Anyway, while I'm contemplating 14 whole rounds of childbirth, I did learn that there's no way of identifying whether a man is married or taken because they don't wear wedding rings, so maybe the sign is some way of advertising that. I'll bet it's a conversation starter. Pretty neat.

Yeah, I went to get another chai today and the instant I sipped it, I knew it had been made incorrectly. Tasting a chai is not supposed to make you feel like throwing up. So, I asked the barista to remake it. I told him it didn't taste good. He had nerve enough to say, "Have you ever had a chai before? Maybe you're just not familiar with the taste?" Hah hahaha! I had to enlighten him on my chai drinking prowess...which is now over since my vacation is finis.

And, I will write about Amish Acres. Promise.

Apparently there's some Amish as far away as Kansas. And I saw a really cool movie that explained the split with the Mennonites. Amish are way stricter than Mennonites. Hmm...I wonder if there are any black Amish people? Anyway, as far as the food, I bought some fudge and it was SO good! I don't blame you for sneaking to get the small desserts!
Anonymous said…
Dang Liz, you could have met me and the Mrs. if I knew you were in the area (I am a Chicagoan still technically, but we live in Crown Point, IN)


Oh well, I will be in LA before year end, you can show us around if or at least take us to Roscoe's!!

the last noel said…
This goes to show you: if there are books in the home, you read! Let that be a lesson to parents out there. Invest in a library in order to have literate, focused children who will develop good critical thinking skills.
Mizrepresent said…
Beautiful pic...I was born in Indiana.
MartiniCocoa said…
the love is so evident in that photo!
Jameil said…
i'm too city for amish activities. i loooooooove go go go stuff. i wouldn't mind seeing their stores, but that's about it. most importantly time w/mom and books? who can beat that?!?!
Liz Dwyer said…
No way, you all are in Crown Point? That's not too far at all. And yes, when you all come out here, we're definitely doing Roscoe's!

Yeah, there was always something around to read. They have three sets of encyclopedias, about six atlasas...it's just paradise. We're out of control with the amount of books here in our house, but if my kids end up loving reading, it's all worth it.

No kidding? So you're a Hoosier native! My mom is too. I like Northern Indiana. When I go south of, well, anywhere south of South Bend, I always start thinking about that Klan past.

Yeah, I do love my Mom! :)

That's what I always thought about myself too, but all of the sudden I just feel like being out in the country every once in awhile. And then I thought it might be a very interesting reality show to put some of these blinged out rappers in Amish country. Make them thresh corn for a month and see what happens! LOL!
Kate said…
I know you are home by now so I am late, but your mother is indeed a classic beauty and you look very much like her! That is a lovely photo--thanks for posting--I love to see the people pictures.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! I hope I look a little like her, but then when you stick me next to my dad, I start to look more like him.

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