A Sonnet For Dreamers

Body breathing, softly your spirit calls
When weary eyes close seeking solace true.
Embracing silence after darkness falls
Can you hear my soul calling back to you?

Your deepest desire, a vision real
Heart open, unveiled, before you I stand.
Intuition’s muse sharing words that heal,
Dreams revealed, your tender touch warms my hand.

Yet I disappear with dawn’s precious light
Your eyes opened by morning songbird cries.
Memory clinging till again comes night
Magical wish swiftly closing your eyes.

Inhale my essence, in this love’s dream state
Never to meet in sunshine, such cruel fate.


Sonnets? What will you do next?!
By the way, I hope your husband gets reconnected with the BMG soon. It's really blowin' up.
Liz Dwyer said…
I know, the sonnets. I really couldn't help it. I had to write this one. Believe it or not, and I'm going to really show my nerdiness here, it's partially inspired by Aragorn and Arwen from, cough, Lord of the Rings.

And yes, I hope he gets reconnected with BMG too. At the very least, regionally.
Mizrepresent said…
Lovely LIZ! - my favorite lines

"Inhale my essence, in this love’s dream state
Never to meet in sunshine, such cruel fate."

Dedicated to all my dream lovers...
Lovely. The end totally kicks, too.

You are a woman of many talents, Liz. Thank you for trusting us with your poetry.
Anonymous said…
Beautiflu Liz! Thanks for bringing peace to a restless day.
Anonymous said…
Opppss....maybe I should proofread :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks so much for the praise! It took me about six hours to write the whole thing, but that last quatrain and, in particular, that last couplet were extremely difficult for me. I had a jumble of words in front of me...and then suddenly, there it was in my mind with such clarity that I wondered why I hadn't seen it before.

Why thank you! I'll make sure to extend thanks to my muses that inspired the poem. ;) Really, that means a whole lot, particularly on days like today where I've just felt a bit like crawling in a cave.

Ruth Ann,
Yeah, it was restless today, wasn't it? What was up with that? And proofreading...pfft! I've heard it's overrated to all but snobby English teachers and writers. ;0
velvet said…
That was absolutely beautiful, Liz. You're a woman of many, many talents. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you so much! Now I need to take these talents and go to bed! :)
Some day we should have a conversation on the phone. Now and again I get out the LA, like a vacation and we could connect.

Just a thought. Also, if you ever run into Joe Khoury or Allison Grover give them a hug from me, or Jamie Heath as well.
Liz Dwyer said…
If you come out here then we definitely have to connect. We'd love to have y'all over. Email me and I'll send you all my contact info. And I just saw Joe and Allison the other night at Feast. Their baby is getting so big!
Lydia said…
As I traverse through a very challenging place in my realtionship, I long for nights, when I can dream, love and be in a state of suspended bliss, with my chosen. Thank you for these beautiful, comforting words.
Liz Dwyer said…
It's something that seems so tangible but can prove to be so elusive in our waking moments. I really believe that when we're all asleep our souls connect as they were meant to. Hope all works out with your relationship, if it's what's meant to be.
Anonymous said…
In Europe we appreciate the high arts and missives of this ilk to be a really important part of life and culture.
This sonnet is beautiful, pure, real, challenging, inspirational and so romantic.
I love romantic notions, the world is a changing place where it seems that romance is predefined for us, eg. buy your partner roses- yet it is so much more.
Liz what lovely sweet words, thoughts and paradoxically sad sentiments.
I am slightly envious, for i wish i too could write like you, with such clarity, purpose and purity.
You extol the virtues of Love, Hope and Faith.
Your sonnets are better than most i have ever read. You should publish a book of them and you should get other bloggers to send their sonnets in so that we can all share some love!!
Keep it up!
Liz Dwyer said…
Dr. D,
Thanks for the encouragement and the understanding. You totally get the meaning of this sonnet. And, I would love to get a book of these together once I get a large enough collection. You should also contribute your own work. I am sure that you could write something wonderful. I'm plotting a trip to France for next year for inspiration and because I've always wanted to go. Maybe I should try to include a trip to Shakespeare's grave since I'll be on that side of the pond. Surely such an atmosphere will inspire me to write even more sonnets.

I think I truly am a romantic. I used to be believe I was just all practicality and that "romance" was for idiots who loved Julia Roberts movies, but then something changed and I began to see things differently. Now I really believe that the purest romance is the connection of two like-minded souls, and you're right, that has nothing to do with flowers or chocolate.
Anonymous said…
copyright your work
Liz Dwyer said…
Black Cinderfella,
Thanks for visiting and commenting. (Love that name by the way). I have the creative commons copyright on this site, but I think you're right, I should be doing more than that.
Mes Deux Cents said…

Wow that was beautiful. Thanks so much for re-posting it.

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