Shake It, Shh-Shake It...But Please Don't Break It!

Clearly, the bad thing about being up at one in the morning is that I'm aware that an earthquake just happened. See the nice red square on the map? That was our earthquake.

Now, if I was sleeping like I should be, I'd think the shaking was one of the kids trying to climb into bed with me, or maybe I'd think it was part of a really good dream.

Instead, I've been awake, sitting on the couch, listening to the new Blaqk Audio, thinking too much and writing it all down.

And then the couch started to feel like it was vibrating, like if a really big truck was going by.

But, it's one in the morning so there are no trucks.

Before I knew it, other stuff started to vibrate and move.

There's that feeling of uncertainty and, heck, I'll say it, FEAR, when an earthquake starts. Is it going to be a micro-quake, a light quake or...


You know, the big one where all of us LA sinners fall of the face of the earth and float away into the Pacific, which will be a total bummer since I don't know how to swim. But just imagine, this ginormous quake of the future will put TMZ out of business because all the celebrities will be flattened under the collapsed walls of their mansions.

Well, not all the celebrities. Clearly, Orlando Bloom will survive because he's living in the UK these days and hanging out with the very lovely Naomie Harris.

I swear, I look at that picture and totally think they look like my mom and dad forty years ago.

Anyway, since I'm typing this, you can tell it wasn't "The Big One." Plus, I love technology because I can go to to the U.S. Geological Survey website and immediately find out info about the quake we just had. It's been categorized as a "light earthquake" since it was only a magnitude 4.5.

Seriously, 4.5...that's not so bad. A picture on one of the shelves slid off, but that's so not a big deal.

Wow, I really can't believe I just wrote that. Yeah, after almost nine years, LA is definitely home if I'm cool with a picture sliding off a shelf.

Now, back to the writing, listening, and thinking I was doing.

Or, maybe I should just go to bed so I can sleep through any aftershocks.


none said…
I'm always amazed when I hear about people living with minor earthquakes like they aren't that big a deal.

When I lived in the midwest we spent many a day and night in the basement waiting for tornadoes to pass by so I guess earthquakes are just something else to get used to.
Jameil said…
what the????? 4.5 is cool... wow...
Dena said…
that's one thing i never got used to living in oakland.....the earthquakes, tremors, whatever you want to call them.....they scared me quite a bit!
Ian Lidster said…
As I live in the same earthquake zone, I understand your consternation. And, of course, they always happen in the wee small hours, causing you to awaken, and then wonder why.
I laughed at your title today. That's what my wife sometimes calls out if I go into the bathroom to pee.
We had an earthquake on the east coast and it was just like you described. Pretty interesting experience actually. When I heard what had happened on the news I couldn't believe it.

I also hear you guys have a lot of great white sharks out your way. So many risks to living on the West Coast, I think I'll stay right here.
My husband and my son, who didn't yet know each other, were both in the Bay Area for the Loma Prieta quake in '89.

I have never experienced one of that magnitude, and in fact, the small ones are kind of exciting because I grew up on the East coast, where they never had any until recently.

But if we all fall into the sea, it won't matter who can swim and who can't.
P.S. I was thinking that those young people were a beautiful couple, but didn't recognize them.

It doesn't surprise me that YOU have gorgeous parents, though.
Anonymous said…
Coming from Indiana, I've only endured 1 earthquake in my lifetime...that is until I studied in Taiwan...OH MY GOODNESS...earthquakes were like every month. It didnt' help that I was studying there when the Tsunami occured. My friends and classmates had just bought tickets to Thailand when the Tsunami wiped out half of Southern Thailand. Since then, any earthquake we felt in Taiwan was a breath-holder!
Don't worry Liz, I'm sure one of your faithful readers will fly a helicoper over the broken pieces and find you and the family!
the last noel said…
I slept right through it. Ur, have you thought of sending the celebrity couple your photo and saying that if they have a daughter, this is what she'll look like when she's grown?
Liz Dwyer said…
I remember the terror of tornadoes. I used to dread those sirens, then the power going out and the interminable hiding in the basement under some table covered in cobwebs. But at least there's a warning system with tornadoes.

I KNOW! Totally crazy, right?

I guess I'm used to it now because at least I don't jump up and start screaming like I used to in my first year here.

Gosh, I didn't realize that you all got earthquakes there as well. And that's REALLY funny that that's what your wife says!

I've only seen a shark at the aquarium but that could be because I tend to stay out of the ocean here since the water's a bit cool. On the other hand, if y'alls heat goes out, you're going to freeze to death, get buried under mounds of snow...or disappear into that Big Dig fiasco. So you see, the West Coast isn't too bad at all! ;)

Having talked to folks who were here during the Northridge quake, I hope we don't have to experience one of that magnitude either. I suppose you're right about the swimming thing. Still, I guess it won't hurt me to learn, just in case!

And aren't those two a good looking couple? I hope they last. My parents are pretty darn good looking...but I could be biased!

Gotta love that "Ring of Fire" earthquake action. That has to be pretty scary to experience post-tsunami. I know here I was pretty happy that I didn't live on the beach.

And I'd hope somebody would bring the helicopter. If not, I'll see if I can hook up some sort of ghost-blogging from the next world.

I don't know about that picture thing. The hair is looking a tad bit crazy today. I might single-handedly cause a break-up.
1969 said…
Glad you are safe and that it wasn't the big one. Oh and LEARN TO're in Cali now :)
Shai said…
Here in Detroit, we had a very mild one in 1986 and it was scary. I cannot imagine the tremors in CA.
Anonymous said…
I remember the Loma Prieta quake in '89 like it was yesterday. I was in my second year at UC Berkelely. I had just traveled across the Richmond bridge after playing tennis with a friend in Belvedere as soon as I walked in my apartment and sat down the quake hit. I'm grateful that I wasn't on the bridge during that time.

After I read this post CNN announced we were overdue for "the big one" due to urban sprawl. An expert claimed that it will be around 7.9, lasting for about 2-3 minutes. They also reminded the viewers about the '89 quake.
Liz Dwyer said…
Hah hah! Yeah, learning to swim is one of my new fitness goals to accomplish before '07 is over.

Before I moved out there, I thought there'd be an earthquake every day. And I was right! Except they're so small that you don't really feel most of them. The earth is always moving out here though!

Fashionista & Baby,
Whew, that's a close call you had with the Loma Prieta quake. Thank goodness you didn't get stuck on that bridge. I hadn't heard that CNN story but I suppose it's a sign to make sure we have our earthquake safety kit all ready to go. I just hope "the big one" will hold off for another 60 or 70 least till I'm no longer around.
Casey said…
I was up at 1:00am too feeding the baby. I didn't feel the quake though - maybe I'm too far south in Westchester? I only knew about it from watching the news. I immediately ran to the bedroom where Bo was sleeping and took the picture frames off the wall over his head... you know, in case that was only the start of a bigger quake. I probably would have cried if I had felt it... I'm terrified of earthquakes.

You've been tagged by me. Please come by for details.
Liz Dwyer said…
You might have just thought it was an airplane shaking the house. I was just over in Westchester today and wowzer, those planes are so loud! Good thinking about the picture frames. I have one on the wall over my bed. I guess I should move it.

Oh yeah! I'll come check it out! :)
Anonymous said…
The thought of an earthquake freaks me out. I've lived though hurricanes and Brooklyn was just hit by a tornado, but earthquakes are too much.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, a tornado in Brooklyn? What is up with that? That just seems unreal. To me, tornadoes are just as scary though because you don't know which way that thing is going to go.

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