"Your Days Shall Pass"

I got home from my writing class at around 10:30 and I can't sleep. For the past three hours, I've been cleaning the house, checking on Dave Gahan's health (he has laryngitis), reading about conspiracy theories (Marilyn Monroe's death) and the life of one of my favorite authors, Richard Scarry, and doing a bit of blog-surfing. I'm interested in what else is out there. What are other people thinking and dreaming about? I find that the more I write, the greater my interest in what others are writing about. Since I am also a reknowned stress-ball, I've also been thinking about how many things I have to get done at work, how I don't really want to go to work at all tomorrow, how I couldn't find a Mother's Day card I liked for my mother, and how I am feeling this great need for change, but sometimes I stand so close to the wall, I can't see the whole picture.

One of the blogs I came across was by a
lovely young lady living in Italy. Lo and behold, this young lady also happens to be a Baha'i. (It's a small world after all!) She has some absolutely lovely postcards on her site that I really hope she mass-reproduces. I also clicked on a few of her links and came across another Baha'i's blog that had some beautiful quotations from the Baha'i sacred writings, as well as some artwork. One quotation that particularly struck me was this one from the Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh:

"Night hath succeeded day, and day hath succeeded night, and the hours and moments of your lives have come and gone, and yet none of you hath, for one
instant, consented to detach himself from that which perisheth. Bestir
yourselves, that the brief moments that are still yours may not be dissipated
and lost. Even as the swiftness of lightning your days shall pass, and your
bodies shall be laid to rest beneath a canopy of dust. What can ye then achieve?
How can ye atone for your past failure?"

I about fell off my chair after I read that quote. God is trying to tell me something! I'm always saying this to myself. I need to listen more. I need to open my eyes and ears. Now I'm going to bed feeling as peaceful as this looks:


GWD said…
Sanisha's blog is great. She is one of the Baha'i bloggers I especially love to read.

You've been blogging a long time I see. It's good to see your mention of the Faith. Sometimes bloggers are hesitant to reflect their Baha'i identity on their blog. My impression is, good things happen when they do, good for the blogger and good for the Faith. These are very exciting times to be a Baha'i.

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