Mother's Day Dilemma

I'm in the Starbucks on Gage and Compton Ave and the conversation between two employees is currently going something like this:

Girl A: What are you getting you moms for Mother's Day?
Girl B: I'm not getting her nothin'!

Liz is thinking, "Whoa, she's mean!" But I also hope she keeps talking! Please elaborate! I want to know why!

Girl A: What? Are you serious? You broke or something?
Girl B: Nope, I'm not gettin' that bitch nothin' because she's cheating on my dad!
A: For real?
B: Yep, I caught her in the act. The ho! She's wiping down the counter with a bit of extra vigor.
A: You caught her in the act? Like actually doing it? A customer has approached! Hi, What can I get for you?
B: Yep. Doggy style and everything.
A: What? Does your dad know? To the customer: A venti hot tea? One bag or two? Would you like something to eat with that?
B: I wanted to tell him but I'm scared. Everybody else in my family knows though. She moves to fix the tea.
A: She hands the tea to the customer. That'll be $1.71 please. If they know, anybody else say anything to him?
B: My grandma did, but my mom just said she was tryin' to break them up, as usual.
A: Wow. That's deep. Girl, that's just drama! She gives the receipt to the customer. Thank you, have a nice day.

Indeed. The customer seems unperturbed by hearing the sordid details of this affair. I'm inspired to write them down here! Okay then. This begs the question, if you know your mom is not being a good wife, does that automatically X her out of deserving Mother's Day cards?


Anonymous said…
Good question. You assume that we're all mature enough to separate our thoughts and emotions. Ha!

M said…
If she loved her mother and their parents had a happy marriage she'd probably keep the secret and carry on as usual. But this is just another symptom of her parents' bad marriage, and she her mother obviously don't get along. And let's face it, people are always much more judgmental about a woman's sex life than a man's. If it had been her father she had caught in the act maybe she wouldn't have minded as much, because boys will be boys, etc. But if it's a woman she's ho.

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