Why I Adore Technology

For starters, technology enables this blog to exist. That's a huge reason to be grateful I wasn't born two hundred years ago. Oh, and the pesky fact that I would have been a slave.

The really big reason I'm loving technology is that today I bought my cd recording of the Depeche Mode show in Las Vegas.

How amazing is it that I can relive this show courtesy of Live Here Now. The company makes a recording of the show and sells it to fans. So for 21 British pounds, I can sing along with the live version of "Nothing's Impossible" and not just any live version, it'll be exactly what I heard at the concert! I'm a little concerned that you'll only hear everyone screaming, myself included, but I'm sure they must have had some special way of recording that minimizes the drama from the audience.

I love technology!


Liz Dwyer said…
By the way, I know some readers may be convinced that this blog should be titled "Depeche Mode Worshiper" or something of that sort, but really, I promise: some day in the future, I will go back to talking about race, class and all that good stuff that makes this crazy country go round.

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