This is SO LA!

Occassionaly I putter around craigslist to see all the cool posts/things that are happening out here in the world and I came across this gem that really just exemplifies the spirit of a certain portion of this City of Angels:

"Actresses Needed for Diet Center: "I have several openings for young, fit, outgoing, and personable FEMALE actresses!"

I need a receptionist who might have to ACT impressed or surprised by the progress someone has made. I also need a medical assistant (I would train you) who would weigh patients, help with treadmill tests, etc. and ACT encouraging and optimistic.

This is a very legitimate operation: I am a board certified young female medical doctor and I offer 10 different diets that I believe in and supervise patients on with monthly blood, ekg, and treadmill tests. I need receptonists and assistants who would be enthusiastic, upbeat, and optimistic (and this might require acting from time to time). I want it to be a fun, relaxed environment that patients look forward to visiting and you would set the tone/mood.

You will be involved with marketing and should feel comfortable approaching overweight businessowners/professionals/executives and giving away coupons for free diet services with us."
Oh this is just too much!! You have to hire actresses for this!! Out of control!!


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