More Goodies For You

I'm still reliving my Depeche Mode experience in Vegas. I'm finding it hard to believe it was a month ago that I was standing in line in the parking lot of the Hard Rock waiting to see my FAVORITE group of all time! I only wore this shirt because my custom made DM shirt had not yet arrived!

They let us in and we got to walk up and hang out in front of the booth that was selling DM gear and also a bar made out of ice that was selling red bull. A man came along and scanned our tickets and then stamped our hands with this "Prince" stamp...Here's my hand and also the delightful Mr. Bolden's hand!They finally let us in and we ran up to the front rows of the general admission. I don't know if you can see the bleachers in back of us but I was SO worried we'd be back there where no one could see. You can tell from the side-splitting grin on my face that we were in great shape and super close to the stage!
Depeche Mode came and went so moving right's me and Master Agrabah...
...and me and Olinga on Mother's Day. Are they sweet boys or what!
Finally, Olinga, the budding photographer, took this very nice picture of me and Elarryo! After we snapped these photos, we went to get Indian food at Electric Lotus in Los Feliz. I'm so lucky to have three sweet guys to look out for and love!


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