Hip Pop

The Marriott in Manhattan Beach is quickly becoming our second home thanks to my husband's work. Once a month, we've been staying at the hotel, napping, reading, and hanging out in the pool, all while Elarryo is endlessly sitting in a conference room.

On Friday when I arrived at the hotel, a GARGANTUAN banner was hanging over the main entrance.

Yes folks, in the incredibly un-diverse environs of Manhattan Beach, California, it was the hip-hop champs in the hizz-ouse. Who knew that such events were held? No, there weren't any teams from the Boogie-Down Bronx, the original home of hip-hop. It was definitely dance studio hip-hop with stars such as Team Italia, Japan, and Brasil in effect... I felt a little like I was trapped in a Justin Timberlake video.
When I took the kids to the pool...you know those Europeans really believe in thongs, whether you are male or female. So, you can certainly imagine hearing four-year-old Olinga commenting, "Oh, disgusting! Mommy, I see BUTTS!!! AAGH!! GROSS!!!"


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