My husband is concerned about this blog and he gets to the point pretty quickly by announcing last night, "I'm not really down with this blog thing of yours."

I sit there, flipping through a three-week old copy of Star magazine. There's no need for me to comment because he'll continue his thoughts without me prompting. Besides, do I really care if he's not 'down' for my blog? He doesn't read it so he doesn't know what I'm writing about.

"Don't you worry you're going to get a stalker or something?"

"No, " I said. He thinks someone would want to stalk me? Okay...

"Well, why are you putting all your business out there on the web?"

"It's not usually anything personal. Just random thoughts that I don't seem to be able to put anywhere else, " I said.

"You have a journal," he crosses his arms across his chest. "So why do you need this blog thing?"

"I don't write about the same things in my blog that I put in my journal," I said.

He looks at his fingernails for a moment and feels around on the couch for the tv remote. "Someone's gonna read it and it's gonna get you in trouble."

"Well, how would you know that I'm writing about things that could, as you say, 'get me into trouble? It's not like you ever even read my blog," I say. I know I'm narrowing my eyes and this is about to turn into something more than him worrying about someone stalking me.

His hand finds the remote and Cartoon Network flips on. He get's the last word.

"Like I said, it's gonna get you in trouble."


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