Soul Train

Growing up, the hour that Soul Train came on WGN Channel 9 was about the only time I saw black folks on TV. Granted, it was just black folks dancing, nothing ground-breaking there. But, it was also the only time I saw black folks in tv commercials. Who knew that black people used toothpaste or deoderant, unless you watched Soul Train and saw the black version of the Close-Up commercial. Times have changed and now Mekhi is on ER. I haven’t watched Soul Train in about two years and just happened to be flipping through channels and stumbled across it.

1.0 WHY do the producers still let folks come on here and lip-synch? I’m watching Trillville’s “performance” of Some Cut and really, they might as well just show the video instead of having them up on stage mouthing the lyrics. Too bad Ashlee Simpson can't come on here. She'd fit right in.

2.0 WHY does the scramble board always have the shortest phrase ever? Do the producers think black folks can’t unscramble something longer than “Usher” – and the host even gave the couple a CLUE to help them unscramble the letters…do TWO people really need a clue with a name that short?

3.0 WHY don’t they ever let white men on the show? Or for that matter, Asians? Latinos? Nope, there are still only black men on the show. This rule does not apply to women. There have always been the two or three white girls and two or three Latinas and Asian dancers. I’m guessing that the producers are trying to appeal to black male fantasies of being with women other than black women.

4.0 WHY is there always a female dancer that is obviously taking her supposed sex appeal too seriously, to the point that she’s not even dancing, she’s just undulating her hips. Just get a stripper pole and be done with it.

WHY am I still watching this??


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