Seriously, Why Call Me a Fat Bitch?

While out walking this morning someone driving by slowed down, rolled down his window and yelled, "Walk faster, you fat bitch!"

It made me so mad I actually looked around on the ground to see if there were any rocks around that I could throw at his boring silver Toyota Corolla. By the time I found one, the car was gone.

Thank goodness I couldn't find a rock more quickly. That wouldn't have been a good scene, I'm sure. But hours later, I'm still asking myself, why do people yell demeaning and cruel things out windows? Seriously, what's the point?

I bet if I were 100 lbs, he probably would've yelled, "Get a sandwich, you skinny LA bitch!"

I know, people who decide to yell such things have issues. The guy who yelled at me this morning probably hates women, hates his mom, has body size issues, control issues and, clearly, anger issues.

All I can say is guess what, homie? This "fat bitch" ran 14 miles yesterday, so you can go suck it.


I still remember when someone yelled at me from their car window while driving by. It was like 7 years ago, I was running an errand in the valley. I had my hair done in small braids, (i'm white) and there were 4 young white punks in the car. One of them shouted out "Braids are for black people." I was so shocked & caught off guard that I just kept walking dumb-founded. I didn't yell back, didn't throw anything at them. I was embarrassed to tell you the truth. It was a VERY busy street. What douche bags some people are, right? Smh.
nick said…
Just another guy who gets off on hating women. Unfortunately not a lot you can do about it except get him some brain surgery. Hopefully the fat prick's Toyota will break down in the middle of nowhere.
What is wrong with people?!
ProfessHer said…
It's a stupid comment. My armchair shrinking of it based on my FIRST observation of a similar occurrence? Yelling idiot saw juicier parts of your body, was angry that you are "slowing him down" but are actually attractive, & reacted to your sexy by demeaning it (and tamping down his, ahem, pleasure).

I actually saw this happen right before my eyes. My BFF ignored a crazy guy as she walked into a classroom. He was FURIOUS. But? I saw him look at her shapely thighs and rear as she icily strode past him. He snarled under his breath -- WHILE HIS EYES REMAINED TRAINED ON HER PASSING BODY -- "...with your fat-azzed self." Except, of course, his commentary wasn't EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH, including his own desire for some of that "fat azz."

My two cents' worth!
K. Rock said…
People just like saying whatever they want in circumstances when they dont have to be accountable for their actions. Yelling something out of a car window and driving away is very different from walking up to you and saying it (because obviously they would have gotten socked with a rock).

It's the same with internet gangstas. Everybody is brave behind the cloak of anonymity.
Tafari said…
YIKES! People are out of their mind! And of course he would say this and run.

Im thinking you should keep a big fat ass rock & slingshot just in case this happens again!
1969 said…
I hope his car ran out of gas. On the freeway. At rush hour. tocofe
Liz Dwyer said…
What total punks! Wish I could throw something at them for you!

Exactly... although Toyotas do kinda last forever.

Sometimes I think it's drugs, but really, folks are just mean!

Your armchair shrinking is probably spot on. Actually, even when I'm out running, there's always some clown out there offering me a cigarette or saying they could run twice what I'm doing. It's weird.

Totally the same as people who talk smack online. They all need to get a life.

Hahaha. Folks would be like, what's that in your jacket? I'd say, "A rock to throw at folks who talk smack!" lol!

I like your line of thinking! ;)
smh said…
Because people like that are miserable, insecure and want to spread that misery around in order not to be alone and miserable and make their worthless lives less worthless.


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