How To Feel Totally Badass The Saturday After Thanksgiving

Want to feel totally badass on the Saturday after Thanksgiving? There's only one teeny thing you have to do: Get up and go run eight miles.

Yes, it does help if you get to run and look at the Pacific Ocean crashing against a gorgeous Southern California beach. But, no matter where you are, when you're finished running, you will totally have a "How Ya Like Me Now?" moment.

What? You thought I was gonna say that sleeping till noon and then rolling out of bed to microwave a plate of leftover greens and cornbread is gonna make you feel like the bomb?

Although, that does sound kind of enjoyable, you will turn into a lethargic blob if you go down that road. Note: "blob" does not equal "badass". At least, that's what I told myself this morning at 4:15 AM when it was time to get up get ready for my run.

The hard thing about being a marathon runner is that the training schedule doesn't go on vacation. The schedule doesn't care if it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. When the schedule says eight miles are on deck, that's what you get up and do.

I didn't want to go run. I really didn't want to go run. Falling asleep on the couch in my clothes made me feel groggy and cranky... but I couldn't figure out a good reason to not go. The only reason not to lace up my shoes and head out the door? Laziness.

Saying,"I didn't feel like it," will not get me any closer to another Los Angeles Marathon medal-so I flicked on my iPod and cued up some craaazy drum-n-bass by UK duo Delta Heavy:

I have the five minute version of Space Time on my iPod. Trust me, listen to that on repeat a few times and you won't feel like snoozing on the couch. Finish your eight mile run listening to that, and you will feel like you're on top of the world.

Heck, you could run around the block once listening to that, and it might have the same effect.

In all seriousness, getting up and out the door to do something active puts a different spin on the day. Running eight miles isn't even really required - and it doesn't have to be the day after Thanksgiving, either. A good 15 minute walk anytime does a mind and body good, especially at this time of year when there are so many holiday treats around just waiting to help our pants not fit!

Let's just hope that over the next month of holiday parties that I remember how awesome it feels to do something good for myself.


Jennifer said…
yeah, now I feel REALLY bad about not making it out this morning. :( What route did you guys take?
Liz Dwyer said…
lol, don't feel bad. There were only 11 of us. We went up Temescal.

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