You Need To Know About It: Do Good For The Gulf

I know it's a Friday night and you're probably busy maxin' and relaxin' but I'd be remiss if I didn't put the Do Good For The Gulf initiative on your radar.

I don't talk about my job a whole lot in this space, but I work as the Education Ambassador for the Pepsi Refresh Project and every single month this year we're giving away $1.3 million dollars in grants to great ideas big and small - grass roots ideas that are making real change in the lives of everyday Americans.

This month, Pepsi's committed an additional, special $1.3 million for projects that will benefit the area in an initiative called Do Good For The Gulf.

Project submissions for the Do Good For The Gulf initiative open up on July 12th at 12:00 pm ET and the submission window will stay open until July 16th at 11:59:59 am, or till we get 1000 submissions, whichever comes first. The public votes on the projects from August 2-31 and the 32 projects with the most votes get funded. Those grantees will be announced in September.

We've put up some posts on the Pepsi Refresh blog to help provide additional info to people interested in applying.

If you've been inspired to step up and get something off the ground that will positively impact people's lives in one of these five states and you're looking for the resources and support to make it happen, submit a project.

Or, if you know someone else who has a great, high-quality idea that will make a significant improvement in the quality of life in the Gulf States, please, please share info about this initiative with them.

Times are tough everywhere, but these days my heart especially goes out to the people in the Gulf States: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. I've been really moved by the images and stories coming from the region. I sometimes find myself in tears and it is waaay too easy to feel hopeless.

However, I firmly believe that well-executed, innovative ideas for positive change in those states can make a difference. I know you feel the same way. If we all come together in support of a common cause, we can truly do some Good For The Gulf.


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