Friday Randomness: Featuring $$, Mel Gibson and My Craptastic Metabolism

I made it to Friday in one piece. I hope you did, too.

Here's a few things I'm wondering/thinking about:

1) Does My Metabolism Suck?: Not being able to run over the past couple of months due to my patellar tendonitis means my jeans feel TIGHT. To be clear, I've never been one of those people to stress about being fat because a) I'm not that interested in being pencil thin and b) Starving to fit into a size six isn't my idea of fun.

But now that I'm trying to get back into the swing of marathon training, my goodness, trying to get the scale heading downwards is a pain in the rear. My one treat all week was half of a small cupcake and the scale barely budged! Friends in their mid to late 30's are noticing the same thing. We're getting old and our metabolisms SUCK!

2)Traffic 911: SHOCKER another study shows that Los Angeles' traffic is the worst in the United States. Yawn... why is this a story? However, oddly enough, our traffic isn't as bad as London's or gay Paris' -which makes me wonder, what the heck is going on in London and Paris? Also, all you Angelenos will appreciate that this afternoon I made it from Hollywood and Highland to Eagle Rock and back in 50 minutes!

3) Must-Read: The Tracks of Chris Brown's Tears: Gina from the must-read blog What About Our Daughters does a fantastic job breaking down why Chris Brown's BET Awards Michael Jackson performance didn't move me. I highly suggest you go read her post, "The Tracks of Chris Brown's Tears: Redemption Via Musical Selection" - and read through the comments. I especially appreciated comment 70.

4) Homelessness = Children: I'm working on a story for the Pepsi Refresh Blog about Los Angeles' non-profit School on Wheels. This week I spoke with Catherine Meek, School on Wheels' Executive Director. She told me the average age of a homeless person in the United States is NINE. I can't get that stat out of my head. It's so heartbreaking... and completely immoral. Quite frankly, I care more about that than about whether Chris Brown's career bounces back.

5) Do Good For The Gulf: Speaking of Pepsi Refresh... The project gives $1.3 million in grants every month and this month, if you have good ideas to help hard-hit communities in the Gulf States, on July 12th get ready to submit a project for an EXTRA $1.3 million that Pepsi's setting aside JUST for the Gulf States. I'm so happy this is happening and it's my hope that some REALLY high-quality projects will submit for the grants.

5) Skipping My 20 Year High School Reunion: My 20 year high school reunion is later this month and I decided today that I'm not going because a) I hated high school and b) I pretty much hated myself in high school.

I didn't like myself in high school for multiple reasons, most of which because I was crazy insecure, thought I was ugly and I always felt like I didn't fit in anywhere. I never felt like I was truly myself till after I got to college. Besides, it would cost a lot of money just to show up and be all How Ya Like Me NOW??? (and why do I even feel the need to do that?)

6) Mel Gibson =Possibly Mentally Ill. Definitely Racist. Violent. Misogynistic. I'm glad I never found him attractive or paid to go see any of his films. I've been talking about it with friends on Facebook over the past day or so and today debate ensued over whether this meant I'd never go see one of his films again. For those who say yes, they'll still go to Gibson's films, my old friend Frank said something that really resonates:
"But I know there is a man/spirit behind the actor. And I guess "pack of n*ggers" will ring in my mind next time one of his films come on. for me it's not even about my $$$, none of us can "hurt" Mel financially, but I'm not sure I can compartmentalize my mind and soul when I watch the guy now..."Great work Mel, touching, I one of those pack of N*ggers you mentioned?" Not to mention calling her a pig in"
What gets me beyond the n-word slur is his belief that black men are rapists - how many hundreds of years have we endured the racist lie that black men are just lining up to rape white women? How many years till it ends?

7) Prince + Sheila E. = A Love Bizarre: I miss real music. I miss real musicians who play real instruments and don't rely on autotune and being naked on stage to be successful.

I feel like a crabby old lady saying it but Prince and Sheila E.'s performances in this clip prove how much modern R&B is in the crapper. I've been watching this clip all week and every time I view it, I'm amazed. Enjoy!


I feel your pain re: the mid-30's craptastic metabolism. It sucks!
I hadn't heard the latest Mel Gibson story. He is one ugly sucker. I do remember his drunk driving arrest in Malibu a few years ago in which he castigated the arresting officer because he suspected the young man was a Jew. So it's not surprising that he also hates blacks.

And as for the myth that all black men are rapists, it wasn't black men who regularly raped white slave women not so long ago. Suggesting otherwise is both disgusting and stupid. But then, that basically describes Mel Gibson.
nick said…
"The average age of a homeless person in the United States is NINE." That is indeed shocking, heartbreaking and a terrible indictment of a so-called advanced country. I presume that means it tends to be families with several children that get bankrupt and foreclosed.

Traffic in London has always been one solid jam. I think it's mainly because unlike New York and other big cities it wasn't built on a grid system, which tends to keep the traffic flowing more freely.
I debated over whether to post something because I truly feel that we share different points of view on the CB/Rihanna situation but I did read the blog post and all the comments. I found myself most agreeing with comment #63 and thinking why is it so hard to believe the boy is sorry.

Have you or anyone else not done something that is "horrible" at a young age or even now, that if put in that situation again you would handle it totally different? Why are we so quick to condemn? Why can't we forgive and wait to see what transpires? There is the real possibility that he has learned his lesson and won't go there again.

Frankly, I'm tired of the lack of compassion, understanding and boot stomping of CB. The boy wanted to be a performer. The boy made a mistake. The boy has been and continues to be penalized for the mistake.

And from personal experience, an abuser who was abused in his household and watched his father beat his mother, can with counseling and love stop beating his wife. It is a cycle that can be stopped...maybe we should start believing that CB wants to stop the cycle and understand that to do so he will have to step back into the spotlight.

But this is just my opinion and in the scheme of things, not really worth we all have opinions.
...and one more thing...if you think your metabolism changes in your 30s wait until your 40s, 50s and won't recognize your body at all for all the weird things it wants to do!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
AAGH, yes, it does! But I still got up and worked out this morning in the hopes that I'm putting a dent in things. Sigh.

The Village Voice has a pretty off the hook flow chart off the hook flow chart of who Gibson hates and what his responses to them are.

Yes, families with a child/children and in particular, single mothers are especially hard-hit. It's awful. I think I want to start volunteering with them.

Traffic being awful because there's no grid system makes sense. I guess it always seems like there's better public transportation in London and Paris than here.

It's OK that we share different viewpoints! :) I think it's hard for me to believe he's sorry because I have yet to hear/see him atone for his actions beyond just saying he's sorry. I'm a writer but I guess I'm not easily swayed by words, particularly when they're rehearsed with PR reps.

He was convicted of felony assault and I don't give felons in my personal life a pass unless they've proven through their actions that they've done a 180.

It's Chris' choice if he wants to be a music celebrity but I wish he'd also chose to be the poster child for not committing felony assault against a woman. Chris has proven to me that he wants to keep making money selling records. I've never purchased any of his music and my sons intensely dislike him because of his actions. In their minds, there is never any excuse to hit a woman and if you do, you're no longer someone to support, even if you're a great dancer -- I mean, we live in LA where great dancers (and singers) are a dime a dozen so big deal on his "talent". The world still turns without Chris Brown's talent in our lives.

Do I believe he faked the tears by using tear-inducing eye drops like folks who were back-stage at the BET Awards have claimed? Eh, I don't want to believe it, but again, I live in Hollywood, the land of illusion.

I guess I don't see him has a boy and I don't excuse his actions with his age. There are plenty of 20/21 year-old young men who grew up witnessing domestic violence and are now doing positive things in the community.

As for me, sure, I would do lots of things differently. I've made mistakes in my life but I've never committed felony assault, and I wouldn't expect people to act like if I did, I had excuses from my personal life that somehow made it OK.

I don't think I'm quick to judge because I've given this a lot of thought. I just think God gave me the free will to make decisions about who/what I want to support. I mean, I don't support R. Kelly and he wasn't even convicted!

Anyway, Chris got sentenced to five years probation, so maybe in five years if he hasn't re-offended, I'll think he's a changed man.

As for the metabolism and the 40's and 50's... sigh, no wonder Madonna works out 4 hours a day! :)
Sundry said…
I love the Friday randomness. Keep it coming.

Never was impressed with Mel. Never liked his attitude about women before he started revealing all his other idiocy.
Sundry said…
I love the Friday randomness. Keep it coming.

Never was impressed with Mel. Never liked his attitude about women before he started revealing all his other idiocy.
Liz Dwyer said…
Mel is a hot mess. I've never paid to see any of his films and never thought he's attractive. I'm glad about that. I will do my best to keep it coming. I get to Friday and there's all these little things that I mean to write about and never get a chance to.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link!

I've been following the Chris Brown stories, but since I pretty much thought he sucked as an artist from the jump and have never spent a dollar on him and his music, I have no "fan investment" (or lack thereof) to discuss.

I'm actually interning in LA (out near LAX this summer)--do you have any fun summer recommendations? :-)
Liz Dwyer said…
Head up to the Griffith Park Observatory - anytime you go is amazing. If you have time to hike to the top of Mt. Lee, great. If not, check out the gorgeous views! BTW, are you working for TFA this summer?
Anonymous said…

I will check it out--thanks for the suggestions. And yes, I am interning with the summer institute as the point person for teacher workshops. :-)
Liz Dwyer said…
Ah, well... enjoy and good luck! I'm an alum and used to be on staff here in LA.
Anonymous said…

Oh wow, I had no idea! (Well, maybe a suspicion since you are so invested in education equality :-D)

What year/where/what subject? I really want to do the Bay Area next year, which is why I was so excited to be chosen for LA Institute, since this is where the BA trains.

Small world! (twice over :-P)

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